Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Missing Bees

In a short span of only a few hours I've found myself overbooked by two events. Tonight I need to be at a quilt bee, making a covered dish for a good-bye luncheon, amd making the last additions to our will so the lawyer can pick it up on his way home tonight. For some reason I feel like doing two things at once is OK...when you hit three there's trouble!

Seems Mother Nature took the whole thing in hand...a tree went down outside my neighborhood and cut off the nothing got done! Well, not nothing. I pickup up some hand applique and threw the stuffed camel named Sadam for my Scottie. I guess my quilting buddies will just have to understand, I'll pick up food on the way in tomorrow, and I have a few weeks before the dealine hits to have the will updated...if only everything could be procrastinated so easily!


leanordwarner29887857 said...

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Tonya R said...

Oh, so no I'm getting harassed publicly for being such a bad penpal. What can I say, blogging has taken over all my writing brain.

thrilled to see you here at last. hope you've found your camera so you can put some gorgeous quilts up for us.

Let me tell ya, that biscotti was gooood. Miss having you make it for me tho, that's for sure!

Word of advice, turn on your word verification so you don't get stinking comment spam again.

Bonnie said...

Uhohhh evil comment spam!! Yes yes, YQ! Get the word verification PRONTO!

I'm so happy you are setarting a blog! It's not any harder than writing an email really...then insert some pictures and voila! :c)

Looking forward to seeing you at Hickory Knob!