Sunday, January 25, 2015

Quilt Room expansion plans!

I feel as if I've been living one of those "Love it or List it" episodes!  My husband and I agree I need more room for my sewing studio but couldn't quite figure out how to make that happen.
Brownie on a house quilt-top - shows need for a full size design wall!

We spent weeks looking at houses.  There always seemed to be something not right - a flooded yard, too many stairs, not enough windows, too close to the main road...the list seems endless!  What finally got us to change tracks was when we entered a house and we both agreed it could work (the bonus room was already a quilting room so no imagination needed to think how it would work for me!)  Then as we stood in the kitchen it hit was the exact same layout as our current house but with an additional sewing room!

So we had a contractor come by last week and he did some rough estimates.  It will be easier and less expensive to move.  Plus we get to keep our nice neighbors and private backyard (and my daylillies!)

Today we took step one...wrote to our Home Owners association to get approval to build the addition.  I sure hope they give it the ok as I've already started looking through pintrest at how other quilters set up their sewing spaces!
Have to include storage space for my antique quilts of course...

So those of you with quilting spaces of your own...what is the one thing you would say I have to include?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Getting ready for the Guild Show

The local quilt guild I belong to, Pieceful Hearts Quilters, has its biannual show November 6th and 7th, 2015.

I'm on three of the committees so in addition to getting my quilts finished I also helping with publicity, the show challenge, and the special exhibit.

Our postcards came in last week.  The quilt on the cards won two ribbons in our last show!  We leave these cards at local shops, other quilt shows this spring and fall, send to guilds around the southeast, and give to vendors who are going to vend at our show to distribute to their followers.

Part of the 2013 Bonnie Hunter inspired quilt exhibit

Our show challenge will not be announced until our February just may be a challenge that will please everyone! (members of our guild range from traditional, through Modern to art quilters!)  Now that would be something....stay tuned!
2013 show....
The special exhibit will be "Guild Inspired Projects" or Gips for short (as in "finish one for the gipper..."  (groan...)  Ok, one of the goals of the show is to inspire more quilters or quilter wannabees to join.  So we have a special badge to hang on any entry that was inspired by a guild program, workshop, block of the month, or mystery quilt.

I hope we need lots of these badges!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I still have sketches for my "Greece" quilt...about time to start no?!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Yet more half-square triangles...

I put together one row of my Ocean Waves quilt and laid that row on the king size bed.  The good news - it looks nice. (even with Goldie on it...)  The bad news - not long enough.  So now I need to make 19 more blocks which adds up to lots of hst's...lots!

I'm glad I check though.  I was unhappy with how my Bermuda Seaglass quilt looked on the bed.

 I think we have an extra tall/thick mattress...that or I just like quilts to hang down further on the sides than what the quilt books do!

So I pulled out some more bits from the scrap piles...amazing how old some of these are!  Have to admit it is hard to use up the last little bit of some of these.

 Fun shirtings are difficult to find in my area and my stash of these is getting very small...I remember a few years ago I could run up to Mary Jo's in Gastonia and they had an entire row of more!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Holiday takedown

The last of the santas, elves and angels has been wrapped up and packed away.  (Though I'm sure in July I'll find one hiding on a shelf somewhere!)
(red, white and blue went up early in support of the French)
It is fun to change up the quilts on the walls.  (yes, I put up Christmas one for the month of December!)

This little churndash I bought at a guild silent auction.  It brightens up a corner of the kitchen.

Of course doing all this I came up with another project.

I put this doll bed with a quilt out under the Christmas tree every year.  This year it started wiggling a bit too much (may have had something to do with a fat cat that liked to sleep on it...)

So I took off the canvas and am going to brace up the sides a bit.  Debating painting it....what do you think?  Bright red...lime green....hummmm...

Friday, January 09, 2015

Baby it's cold outside!

I think my blood has gotten thin living down here in Georgia.  I don't handle the cold very well anymore!  This morning it was so cold Watson didn't even complain when I put his jacket on before our walk!

So I am spending a lot of time sewing and sorting "stuff."  These random blocks have made it back onto the design wall...they are 9 inches by 17 inches...

I've passed the halfway point on the Ocean Waves quilt.  Much to my surprise when I was sorting in the sewing room I found a small bag filled with half square triangles that I had made years ago for this quilt!  Good timing on that is enough for at least 6 blocks!

Part of the sorting is due to our house hunting...which has not gone well.  Either we like the house or the location.  So far never both!  On the up side it is making us appreciate our house more.  So the newest plan is to get an estimate on a small addition to my sewing room...we just need about 10 more feet out (the room is 16 feet wide.)  I feel as if I'm living in an episode of "Love it or List it."  Only we don't have the really cool designer to help!

On a serious heart goes out to the French people.  I've had the news on non-stop today.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Quilting Resolutions

After a year of not getting much done this needs to be a year of finishes!  Good news is it is also a guild quilt show year and that always inspires me to get my act together...

However it may also be a year with a lot of distractions.  A possible Dh retired for real this time...some I want to be reasonable in my goals.

#1...Spiderweb (pink)  needs to be quilted and bound.

#2...Ocean waves...about half the blocks are finished.  This is King sized so still a long way to go.  Would like to have it in the show since we don't have a lot of traditional quilts on display.

#3...Halloween quilt...this just need borders!  Yes, I know it has been on my list before but I lost the border fabric!  It was somehow packed away with the Christmas stuff!

#4...Show challenge quilt...the guidelines will not be announced until February!  Just for fun I may do a modern quilt!

#5...Charleston Basket...hand quilting with slow progress!

#6...A mini...I have a dozen miniature quilt tops in the UFO pile.  Would like to finish one for the show!