Friday, September 14, 2018

The Quilt House needs a name...

So we moved to Florida but my quilting "stuff" didn't fit in the house my husband picked.  His solution?  A small quilt house for me to sew in...only the little house needs a name.

Well, first it needed some work...but after some cleaning, painting, tree removal...well, you got the picture.  It is now a fully operational quilt studio (and yes, I am channeling Star Wars when I type this....)

It isn't fancy but I have great light and lots of space.  I'll have indoor photos soon.  Best of all the Kola table fits, a huge work table is against one window, and I have not one but TWO design walls!  I also have one room to store quilts on large racks.  I kept the back bedroom as a bedroom so if/when quilt friends visit we have a "clubhouse" and can do sleep-overs!

It needs a name...quilt house just doesn't seem fun enough!  I want to paint a "barn block" and hang it right between the front two windows but think I should know what to call the house first?  Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

a look back

I was editing some photos today and since my photos are filed by date taken I wondered what I had done previous years at this time...

In 2012 Goldie was modeling on a scrappy top I was gifted.  I started making a repro of this one...wonder where that UFO ended up!
2013 - This was my first project using linen for the background with wool appliqued on top.  It is now an almost finished table runner!
Interestingly Goldie was posing that day too!
2014 - I taught a string spiderweb workshop!  Very fun day...but no cats!

2015 - I was in Boston...not a lot of quilting going on!

2016 - I was doing some work on my Singer 404 with Goldie supervising (amazingly I do have another cat and a dog but I guess they don't pose like Goldie does!)

Sunday, September 09, 2018

First Florida Quilt!

My first "florida" quilt!  We live very close (too close even!) to Renninger's Antique and flea market.  It is one of the largest in the state.

I try not to go often as I am still in the process of organizing what I moved down here! But this one caught my husband's eye and while had my back turned he bought it...which is fine by me!

Not sure if it was a kit or a pattern.  The pink fabric is almost a sateen which makes me think this is circa 1920's.

The workmanship is excellent.  This is one of those quilts that looks best on a bed!  Recently I've just kept is folded over a chair in the spare bedroom.

Thursday, September 06, 2018's me!

I know it has been awhile.  Lot has happened - the main part being I am now living in Florida!
Pineapple quilt given to me by my quilting buddies in Georgia!

It was tough leaving Georgia.  Lots of quilt friends there.  Slowly I am finding my own space here too.

I am living in central Florida not far from Orlando.  Lots of orange groves and cattle....yes, cattle!  It is very much a ranch and farm area.  It is also a very artsy little town.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Multi-Generational Quilt Top

So my husband calls from an estate sale and says there is a quilt top with lots of brown fabrics in the blocks with a light blue floral alternating block.  He is not a quilt expert so that is pretty much all I could get out of him.  I guessed it might be circa 1870 so told him to splurge the $7...

Well, I was half right!

The blocks are 19th century but that blue (which I hoped was Lancaster blue) is most definitely not!

Plus, the blocks are all neatly sewn by hand while the alternating blue blocks were sewn on by machine.  Since the fabrics are more than 30 years apart it would be considered multi-generational...even though there is a chance it was all done by the same person.

This top was packed away with some of my other fabric study pieces...

That was the cabinet I worked on took a long time to pack.

However I am making progress on the packing front...think my sewing room will be finished by the end of the week!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

In the sewing room...

So much is stressful right move...falling!  I know they aren't all equal but they are all keeping me awake at night!

So I am spending more time in my sewing room.

When Goldie, my 17 year old cat, gives me a bit of space.
small quilt I machine quilted...still have quite a learning curve but getting there!
I am making miles of binding...have 4 quilts to bind for our show in November and three wallhangings that need binding for the silent auction.  Wouldn't it be nice if they all just used the same fabric?!  Never works that way..

Just a few more feet of binding and the Picasso in Paris quilt will be ready for my sister.  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her website.  I took her scrappy trip around the world blocks and put them on point.

I am really happy with the stripe I used for binding!

My biggest "finish" is my Baltimore Applique leftover top!  I started this 25 years ago...vintage before it is even quilted.  I was happy to find I had enough of the background fabric to piece a back for the quilt.  A friend is going to hand quilt this one for me.

So perhaps a few more quilts and a couple more days of limiting the number of  hours I listen to the news and I'll be back packing up the house again...until then I'm hiding in the quilt studio....

Monday, July 31, 2017

Jones Treadle Machine - go or no-go?

The clear out continues and gets a bit harder with each bag or box packed up for the charity shop...

On the bubble right now is this Jones treadle sewing machine circa 1890 (looked it up once but have forgotten the exact date.)

It moves freely...

had drawers of parts...

including a manuel...

and fun decals...

but do I need it?  It has been in the garage for several years...but I don't have a treadle machine anymore....urghhhhh....

I'll think it about it tomorrow...

in the mean time I will work non the guild donation quilt.  It is the Kaffee Fassett vase and bowl pattern.  It took me way too long to square up the blocks!  That part is done and I hope to have this out of my studio this week...

continue to find some fun things in the piles like this runner (?)  It is all hand stitched and lays almost flat!  I may just quilt it up...

Well back to work now....