Friday, April 24, 2015

An MS delay....

I was feeling bad for myself.  I didn't go this year's AQS show in Paducah because I was sure the addition would still be having work done on it...well, it isn't finished but just learned they will not be working on it again until Tuesday!

Then I woke up last night in pain...I mean fork in the eyeball sort of pain.  My MS/optic neuritis has kicked in.  So, it is just as well I'm not in Kentucky which is 9 hours away from home!
Me in Paducah a couple years ago with the Super Quilter...
The Opt. Neur. screws with my depth perception (crowds could be tough!) and makes my color perception a bit "off" (not a good time to view quilts!)

Some postcard quilts from friends..
This may be the toughest thing about MS...very unpredictable.  I knew I was trying to do a lot last week but was trying to pace myself.  Maybe I didn't do as good a job of that as I thought or maybe it is a reaction to the poison ivy on my arms?  Who knows...

So today is a stay in a dimly lit room and stay very still while taking lots of meds and drinking herbal tea...with luck this will be a short one!

Hope to have more on quilting and quilts in a day or so....

Thursday, April 23, 2015

more shirt projects...

I don't really work in a series...I work in similar materials until I clean up my work area!

So I am still using shirts that I've collected over the past couple of years and only now have cut up and started using for quilts and other projects.  (I can thank Bonnie Hunter and Tonya R. for this part of my stash!)

The latest project is making some covers for sewing machines.  The first I made using a stiff was going to take up way too much space since it couldn't be folded and put away when the machine was in use.  The second one I made is too soft...doesn't stand on it's own.

This last one is "just right!"  It stands on it's own but can be stuffed into a drawer!  I used the pre-quilted fabric as the lining and than fitted a pieced cover over it.  There are pockets on the side just in case a pocket is needed (and it let me use this fun fabric!)

 This featherweight size one went to my friend Tari for her birthday this week...the two "rejects" will cover my machines until I can make new ones!

Outside the irises are in full bloom!

These photos came from my friend Paula's garden yesterday.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Two more Quilts

The guild I belong to has committed to making 80 quilts for the local VA hospital.  They have a floor where the patients are long term.  Sadly many of them do not have family to visit and the space is rather institutional.  The chaplain there contacted us in hopes that the quilts could make the space more "homey."
(Pattern is Twist and Turn by Bonnie Hunter)
Now our guild has about 125 members so even though 80 is a lot of quilts it should be something we can accomplish.

This week I was able to finish two more tops.  These will go to a long-arm quilter in our guild and then it may end up with yet another member to put the binding on!  If everyone pitches in we can do this!

The first coat of paint went on today in the studio.  It looks good.  Phew!  Much brighter than before.

 Most of the furniture is white so it will still be bright...and there are lots of lights!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Not the typical "feed sack"

I've posted before about how much I love finding unusual backing on my quilts.  The most frequent is a sack that originally held feed, sugar, flour or salt.

They actually can be helpful when trying to figure out where a quilt may have been made.  Often you need to be able to read backwards to figure it out!

Like this quilt that has a sack from a flour made in the western part of the U.S.A.

Sometimes it doesn't help at the quilt that has Domino Sugar sacks for a backing.  (This I didn't even notice until I washed the quilt!)

Domino Sugar was sold everywhere in the U.S. when this was made...fortunately I know who the maker is and where she lived!  It is a S.C. quilt.

Imagine how excited I was to get a phone call from a fellow quilter telling me she has a box of old fabric bags that was looking for a home.  Since she knows I love old textiles she called me first!

What a grab-bag!  When most folks hear "feedsack" they think of the pretty bags sold in the 30's-40's here in the U.S.  The bags were used to make everything from clothing to toys to curtains!

The bags I got were a bit different.

They were all muslin and had advertising printed on them.

Some were simple

Others were very detailed!

This Holly one is my favorite...not sure what I will do with them but they do make great study pieces of a time when quilters couldn't or wouldn't go to a fabric store and buy large pieces of fabric to back their quilts.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Watson "Get Day!"

One year ago today we welcomed Watson in to our lives!

He came to us from Stinkykiss Rescue group in North Augusta, S.C.  He was only bout 14 weeks old.

He was tiny and a bit underweight but came around quickly.

He has been a but all terrier so has been difficult to train.  Just starting to come around.

He gets along well with our cats...particularly Dobby!

So here it to year one and many more with my quilting puppy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why is paint so difficult?!

Happy dance...the floor for my new sewing studio is in!  It is a bamboo floor...will be so much easier than the wall to wall rug that was in there!

Not so happy...have to pick out wall paint color by tomorrow morning!  Say what?  I hate deadlines....but of course it does shorten the amount of time I can spend moaning about it!

So what do you think?  I have it narrowed down to these almost indistinguishable shades of beige and a grey.

Grey...who would have thought it.  But looking at the raw boards in the room got me thinking....  Most of my boxes, storage containers and decorating "stuff" are in the red and bright green (with a bit of turquoise.)  Heavily influenced by a long standing love off Mary Engelbright prints!

Speaking of turquoise...I painted my metal chair and table for the back yard!  Should easily get another year out of them...

And just to show I am doing some stitching...

I finished up this Halloween top!  I used a tumbler acrylic template and cut up some of my Halloween prints.  The top has been 80% done since November...finally I just stuck to it and finished!  phew.

Now...back to making that decision...

Monday, April 13, 2015

Progress on the sewing room

Today the new sewing room is looking more like a room.

So my friend Paula came by to help me think through the new layout.  She had some good having the wall of shelving at two different depths so there would be a work ledge at counter height.

And we found a cute cabinet/shelf in the guest bedroom to replace the one that broke during the move.  I just need to paint it up a bit and find a spot for the stuff that is currently in it! (not sure if it will be bright green or teal...hummm...maybe colors from my favorite piece of fabric!)

And speaking of paint...she convinced me to go with a slightly lighter Khaki then I currently have on the wall.  Phew.  It helps to bounce ideas off of someone!

So I have a "layout" on paper.  Need to do some internet searching for "how-to's" on making a design wall and a pegboard wall.