Sunday, February 05, 2006

Almost forgot

A month ago I signed up to take and embellishment class that is scheduled for this Monday...I am soooo not prepared! Not to say I don't have the things on the supply list - if I could find the supply list - it is just they are not in one place. Not even in one or two places! So today is a scavenger hunt day.

To further complicate the matter I am supposed to have a block to I close my eyes faced one of the bookcases full of fabric and just reached out. The first one I laid hands on would be the feature fabric. This time I was was an old Hoffman with shamrocks on it! Not a lot of color but something I could work with.

The photo shows that I can shop my own sewing room and not be deprived! I have enough to get through at lest one day!


cher said...

looks like you did a great block to embellish away on!

Tonya R said...

Looks like fun. Just don't go crazy in your cleaning up madness and decide that you don't need this kind of "shopping" ability.

Dawn said...

Good for you! And you know what - that liberated log cabin block is going to be so cool embellished! I like that idea!