Thursday, January 18, 2007

Backwards Day

Just after I posted yesterday I grabbed the puzzle block to put in with the other cowgirl blocks and stopped dead in my tracks...yes Calico Cat there is a block turned in the wrong direction! I haven't decided if I'm going to pull it out and restitch yet.

I'm blaming it all on my cat Brownie. She has turned into an evil quilting cat this week. After spending an hour setting up all my thread on a new shelf I went to get my camera to take a photo of it (if I do say so myself it looked great!) No, decided Brownie, there can't be anything as cute as me in the house. I walked into my sewing room just in time to see her batting the last spool onto the floor. I'm still waiting for the glue to dry on the wooden spool rack that broke in the fall. Maybe it is just the camera she is jealous of...when I tried to get a photo of some Amish blocks you see what happened. She like to run across the room and dive into the blocks so she can use them as a sled and slide across the carpet. It is my own fault for not using my design wall but the wall is full at the moment and this was just supposed to be a quick project (are there quick projects with cats?)

The wind is so strong today it blew my baseball cap 20 feet up and is now caught in a tree branch along the walking path! It reminds me of when I worked at a TV station and the weatherman would try and think of silly ways to demonstate how strong the wind was by dropping different objects and measuring how far they blew, how heavy the rain is by putting pails out on the roof, how hot is was by either "frying" an egg on the pavement or leaving a Vidio on a case inside a car and showing how it "melts." Those were some slow news days!!

I did go out and cover the flowers that are coming up with some leaves to help protect them. Most of what is coming up are small and under other vegetation so already are protected. We have a lot of these little white flowers in the photo on the left. I think they are snowdrops but not sure. I love their shape and white sort of glows in the morning. )Yike, I just looked outside and it has started to pour...Anne is right, it is going sideways!)

I was going into town today but with the weather it seems like a good day to stay in and sew. Like I need an excuse!

I have one last blackberry and apple pie in the freezer and a container of Tikka Marsala sauce that I made en-mass over Christmas so if I can just get the chicken to defrost dinner is basiclly covered. I'm just going to "hunker down" and sew out the storm!


The Calico Cat said...

Looks like a snow drop to me. & Yes, you do have a big kitty helper!

anne bebbington said...

Yes Siobhan - they are snowdrops, down here in Somerset on the edge of Exmoor we have a woodland valley which in February is filled with wild ones - a sight to behold. They are such brave little flowers weathering all that nature can throw at them. What a terror your cat is at the moment!

joyce said...

There is nothing like bad weather to make for good sewing. Enjoy your day!

Tonya R said...

Brownie isn't evil, just playful. Don't pick on my long-distance sweetie baby. Kitties definitely love to roll on freshly laid out blocks tho.

Clare said...

Happy New Year. Hope you managed to ride out the storm and there isn't too much damage. I've been hearing horrendous stories of scaffolding collapsing, lorries being quite literally lifted up and turned round. We are getting a bit of a battering over here, but not as bad as over there. The daffodils are comling up over here. Snowdrops been and gone!