Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar morning

I've been up since 0530 this morning so DH and I could watch the Oscars (taped) before he went to work or listened to the news (thus spoiling the surprise...and there were some.) We both love movies and find that is one of the things we miss here. Though we have a huge collection of DVD's and sky has lots of movies available, DH bemoaned the fact we had only seen a few of the movies up for the awards. Guess we will need to do better next year.

We got a few walks in this weekend. The photo on the right is of one of my favorite pathways. I'm getting a bit more confident about finding my way from "post to post." Next week we may get a bit more adventurous and try the hill walk.

I saw the quilt posted on Bonnie's Blog last Monday and almost immediately started pulling and cutting fabric. Now I have a pile of half square triangles and squares covering the kitchen table. We'll see how long it takes before my Dh goes "postal!" He hates piles! It is fun rummaging through my reproductions fabrics. The hardest pieces of fabric for me to cut into are those last 8-10 square inches. Like the little pile of Smithsonian repros, Cobb Quilt Collection, that was out in the mid-90's. I've used bits and pieces in at least 5 quilts and am down to the last little bits. I've been down to those last little bits for 5 years at least. I just have a hard time thinking I will never be able to replace that fabric. (forget that there are hundreds of other fabrics I like....) Anyway, I used the last bit of two baskets of the less-than-fatquarters and am feeling better for it!


Tonya R said...

Have to admit there were very few of those movies I even wanted to see. Not a fan of Martin Scorsese... The quilt bits are wonderful. I was just looking back through Bonnie's blog yesterday thinking she should make that quilt up. Ya beat her. Good for using up the fabric you love - you'll love it in the quilt every time you see it.

Patti said...

I loved that quilt the moment I saw it on Bonnie's website. It's definitely on my list of things to do. I'm with you on the Smithsonian fabric. I bought fat quarters of every collection and have been very stingy using them. It's a bit easier now that there are so many wonderful reproduction fabrics from all eras of the 19th century.

Fiona said...

I think it is worth using up your precious scraps for that quilt - it looks lovely.

mereth said...

You've made a good start on that quilt while everyone else was just thinking about it!
I've gradually convinced myself that there will always be more gorgeous reproductions to replace all the ones I love,but it's still hard using up that last little bit of a loved fabric.