Sunday, June 03, 2007

Baby Quilt blocks

The sun is shining here in England...what a relief! Yesterday we walked around Breedon Hill and peeked into some of the gardens. Beautiful! The poppies are putting in their appearance and stealing the show in this photo from Beckford.

As I promised in my prior post here is a photo of the blocks I am doing for a baby quilt for one of the new quilters in our group. The blocks are 7.5 finished. I made up some 'kits" for the other members of the group or they can use their own fabric (as quilting newbe's they don't have deep stashed yet...but they are working had at it!)

I had to post a photo of my walk 'buddies." (once again I am sure the other villagers think I'm crazy for taking photos of livestock but hey...I'm a city-kid!) This black and white cow/steer follows Macbeth and I along the fence when-ever we pass her/his field. Today I brought the camera and low and behold the rest of the herd nudged their way into the act! They are so cute it almost makes me swear off meat!


Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE your walking friends! The picture is so cute!

Tazzie said...

Such lovely pictures, and I love the blocks too, so pretty!

Tanya said...

I love the cows! Choco and I meet up with a few gals on our walks too but Choco thinks they're monsters and is too intent on running away for me to take a picture of them (I tried...)

Anonymous said...

Great country pics! I LOVE the English countryside and really miss it.