Friday, July 06, 2007

London City Break

First, today has been so strange. To start with, I made M&M cookies. The recipe says it makes 2 dozen so naturally I doubled it (going to a picnic this afternoon.) As I packed the cooled cookies into the tin I counted them out....48 cookies. That has never happend to me before. I was fired from a job one summer off from university because I put too many chocolate chips into the chocolate chip cookies!
Anyway...more on all that later. First I want to catch up on our latest visit up to London. Just once I would like to see the city when the police aren't out patroling in bullet proof vests and carrying machine guns! We seem to have the worst timing on our trips. It was still a great trip though. the photo on the top is me in front of the underground near Big Ben. It rained nearly the entire time we were there so the photos are all dark and we both got colds!

Our first day we went on a Harry Potter walk. I had fun but my DH was sort of miserable. There were too many people on the walk so it was difficult at times to hear the wizard leading it. He did as good a job as you could under the circumstances. The photo was taken outside the "ministry of magic." Part of the problem may be the Harry Potter movie primier was that weekend. Hundreds of screaming HP fans in Leis. Square. I like the movies but am more of a fan of the books. If it were not for the crowds, rain and a grouchy DH I may have hung around. I'd rather hear J.K. talk about how she planned the books then see some teenage actors!

We went to see Caberet that night. A bit more racey and political on stage then the movie. It is a great production though. Because of the rain I ended up spending most of the next day in the V&A. I love that museum. Hours just disappear as you sit in the textile study room. It is very quiet and a bit dark - feels like you have gone back a centry or so. I spent most of my time on the samplers but did look through some medieval pieces as well.

What a great place for inspiration. Even walking though the corridors with the examples of metal gates I could see possibilities for quilting designs! I could feel my blood pressure drop as I sat looking at the new exhibit being unpacked (maybe because I wasn't doing the unpacking!)
Got to run. (ps. thanks to all the folks who sent me tips on the hand crank sewing machine...I'm going to try it this weekend!)


Tazzie said...

As I see it, you just can't put too many chocolate chips in cookies ... the more the better! Sio, you were unfairly dismissed! You can come bake with me any day!

anne bebbington said...

Only been to the V&A once back in my 6th Form years at school when I was studying A level needlework which involved a lot of work on costume/dress from 1800 to present day (late 70's) Sadly when we arrived to look at all the original clothes in the museum we found the department closed because they were installing a new air con/humidity control system so all the costumes were away in storage - never mind we made up for it by spending an inordinate amount of time in both Liberty and Laura Ashley which was then in its infancy in Sloan Square - looks like I ought to treat myself to a long overdue return visit!!!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I'm like you I really like the HP books. But, I go to the movie also. Only as long as my husband won't be crowded when we go. When I go to London-it's on my know, travel destinations list-I will go to the museum.

atet said...

Despite the rain and colds, it sounds like a fun trip. The thought of just hanging out at the V&A textiles collection is making me giddy. Sigh. Someday!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

sorry to hear you got a cold, but is that better than having it be too hot and getting an MS episode? Hope so. Anyway, I magically make far fewer cookies than the recipe calls for every time. Love the pic of the double decker bus. I'd love to hear JKR speak as well, the actors, mmmm no. You'll be getting to read the book pretty soon...

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You make me laugh... is it true about the chocolate chips? Reason for dismissal? I haven't made M&M cookies in aeons; I should make them again.

Sue in western WA said...

Seriously, how and why do you get dismissed for putting too many chocolate chips in cookies???!! Were you working at a bakery and using too much inventory? ;- )

The V&A has been at the top of my wish list since I learned of its' textile collections back in the 70's. And it will continue to be so until I get there!

Dordogne Clare said...

Catching up on blogs since UK visit. Sorry to read your trip to the Smoke was grey and miz and wet. The day of the wedding wads gorgeous, though we did wonder the day before if the marquee was going to take off. Did you see JKR being interviewed by Jonathan Ross on 6th July? Really good interview.

If you are still in the UK next Easter, it looks as if we may be in your part of the world then.

Anonymous said...

Visiting London was a little like reliving fairy tales from my childhood. Growing up reading about a land filled with kings and queens, singing a song about the London Bridge, and being told in seventh grade Geography class that Thames is pronounced “Tims”, were enough to create in me the desire to visit this place at some point in my life. I am deeply grateful for being given the opportunity to travel to this amazing country. I was amazed of a quantity of Limo London owners.I love going to Cities and getting lost in the history of the place, I can do that everyday in London. Next time you go to London, open your eyes and look around you. It is like an another world.
Thanks YankeeQuilter for your fascinating blog, pictures.
Keep up the great work!