Saturday, September 15, 2007

2nd Prize Chili

Today I went to an Anglo American picnic. The group gets together every 3 months or so. As part of the entertainment they held a chili cookoff. I entered a rather off-beat New Mexican White Chile (made with chicken and green chilis.) I was very suprised to get second place! (There were ten entries.) My friend Maya got first - well deserved I may add...hers was much more traditional and had a real kick to it!

The quilt above is from some very old blocks. They were won at a state meeting by a member of my guild back in Georgia. She died from breast cancer not long after. Her husband gave the blocks to the guild. Now this all happened before I joined the guild. I was given the blocks to put together into a quilt not long before I moved to England. In the move the blocks were packed into a box with fabric. I found them this week and have almost finished putting them together. I hope to have this done before next week.I just have two more corners and a print border. the bright blue fabric used on the edges is from the Quilt for a Cure Collection. Once the top is done I can mail it back to the states. I may be slow but I get there!


anne bebbington said...

The chicken chili sounds interesting and those blocks look lovely set in the blue - glad to see you're getting your creative juices back :o)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, a chili cookoff sounds like loads of fun. I'm hungry just thinking about.

Dawn said...

Mmmm chili - both yours and Maya's sound so good. Oh now I want some!

atet said... the sound of your New Mexico chili -- want to share the recipe?

cher said...

sounds good to me-great going on these blocks..