Monday, March 31, 2008

Strip Danger

I overdid it a bit this past weekend so my eyes were a bit "wonky" today. A good day to sort fabric and iron...not a good day to use a rotary cutter!
The first bag was for the school kids in the next village. One of the woman in my quilting group is teaching them to sew so any fabric goes to good use there. Next was fabric that I know I will not use but is big enough for a project - such as making the jewelry bags or the sewing caddies. The final bag was for fabric to cut into strips. None of it was supposed to return to the shelves...ya, right.
As I unpacked the bag I started finding fabrics that...well, I wanted. No wait...needed! No, they needed to be cut into strips. I was afraid if I waited then they would sneak back into the stash so I began to cut. Bad move. I now have three fingers bandaged! Didn't bleed on the fabric though! (I have priorities....)

Guess I will try again later...


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh Sio! What are we going to do with you? We can't have you doing that.

Next time I'm sending strips!

Master Butcher's Quilting Club Love, *karendianne.

Lindah said...

Well, I'm glad you have your priorities straight! oucheee! Best to just pet the fabrics on days like that. :-) Hope you're all better soon.

Clare said...

Cutting up strips a few weeks ago the cutter slipped and went across the middle 2 fingers. Just take great care of yourself.

McIrish Annie said...

Yikes, those rotary cutters can be sharp! Hope your eyes are "unwonky" soon. Like your sheep fabric!