Monday, September 28, 2009

New Project Time

Finally after months of sewing on bindings and sleeves I let myself start something new! Ok, part of it is I've been too sick to do anything but some handwork but it is a new start none-the-less!

I have had Kristie Steiner and Diane Frankenberger's "At Piece with Time: a Woman's Journey Stitched in Cloth" since it was published back in 2003. I think I have pulled fabrics from my stash to start this at least three times. One of my challenges is my color pallet is very different from the one in the book and at times it throws me off. Anyway, this week I am a bit color-blind so decided to just take a pile of fabric I had grouped together for some ealier project (heck it may even have been for this...but I doubt it) and just start...I mean there are no rules that I can't change a fabric or a block or whatever as I go along right?

Since the eyes are wonky right now I am focusing (or not!) on piecing the backgrounds and will do the applique when I am overall steadier. I have a wild orange and blue flowered fabric for the border and I am pulling colors from that for the blocks...this quilt will get a bit of everything - some hand-dyed, some civil war reproduction fabrics, a bit of Kaffe Fassett and some Piece of Cake plaids. I am purposely not limiting myself to pulling from only one side of the quilting room! It will be all hand pieced and appliqued since that is what I feel like doing right now...I may hand quilt it...or not!

I had a few questions about he railway fabric in an earlier post. (You are not set up where I can reply to your emails!) Those blocks were donated to my guild by a family who were clearing out a relative's house. Most of the fabric was from the 1940's and 50's so it is doubtful you would be able to find it online (unless someone posts some on ebay?) There are still a few bags of things the family donated and I will check to see if there is any of it there.


KimP said...

Love the colors; love the new project! And glad you are feeling better!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

sorry to hear that you're not feeling the best. I love the colors you've chosen for this block. fab!

knitnoid said...

What fun fabrics.

Donnamo said...

I love, love, love you block.

YOu did jump out of Kristi's box for sure. I know her and her colors, very pale. But I am a color gal myself so I love, love, love it! Did I already say that?

Can't wait to see the finished quilt with the applique!

Piwacket said...

The orange fabric mixed with the blue plaid is a great combination! Glad that you're back to feeling like yourself.

Mary said...

Hope the eyes are less wonky by now....I started hand piecing some GFG blocks and then set them aside because I wasn't crazy about the fabric choices and layout and haven't picked it back up.

I have 2 long seams left to sew on the quilt on the design wall and then I can start something new too -- I can't wait.