Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lavendar post

Well between the heat and a nasty case of poison ivy on my hands (and arm, ears, scalp and maybe my nose...) I am working with beads instead of fabric for a few days. (hard to keep that anti-itch-pink stuff from getting all over everything and it is so much easier to just wipe it off a bead!)
My friend Paula and her daughter came over and made some bracelets and key-chains. I worked on a necklace that has been "ready" to string for about the past 3 (or maybe 5?) years! Nice to know my bead stash ages as well as my fabric one does!I also got a great surprise in the mailbox today! (Thank you Karol-Ann!) I knew something fun was there as I approached the end of the driveway and could smell...was, that lavender? The little scottie dog is stuffed with lavender and with 100 degree heat it must have scented the entire mail truck! It makes me think of the Cotswolds in England where the lavender bushes were huge!

I don't know yet what I will make with the South African fabrics...I'm thinking table runner so I can show them off in my dining room...I'll have to move fast so it will be done before the soccer is over though! Now I think I will go make myself a cuppa and a shortbread finger before my DH gets home and gets his hands on them!


julieQ said...

Oh, so sorry about the poison ivy! I have had this and I can attest to the no fun-ness of it! Very pretty beads...maybe this is your time to get it done. Congratulations on your win!

sewkalico said...

So pleased your 'thank you' parcel arrived. Sorry to hear about the poison ivy - sounds nasty! Hope you feel better soon!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Ackk poison ivy...oooh that sounds unpleasant! Hope you heal up soon!

Tonya R said...

oh, the scarabs look great - want a pic of you wearing your new necklace too! mm shortbread and tea.

Purple Pam said...

Sorry to hear about the poison ivy. That can be so yucky! Get well soon.

DianneP said...

Sorry about your poison ivy! But I see from the photo you were comforting yourself with some Yorkshire Tea - my favourite brand! I may be a little biased, being a Yorkshire lass myself!!

quiltmom said...

Poison Ivy sounds horrible Sio- but I love the beads- playing in the beads is lots of fun- I have been making bracelets as gifts for friends for year end. I will look forward to seeing you wearing your beautiful necklace.
What a nice gift- the South African fabric is really terrific- It will make a great table runner.
Hope you are recovered from the poison ivy.