Friday, September 24, 2010

New things...

Usually I stay pretty traditional but when my friend Margaret (SCQuiltaddict) offered to show me how use inks on fabric I remembered my goal to try new things this year....

Margaret has been working with a local artist, Jefferey Callahan, and with his permission we used some of his sketches. He does great southern scenes. Cool...even I can color inside the lines!

It think the goal was for them to find out what they need to teach the totally artistically challenged and I sure fit the bill. For instance...shading...there is no shading in quilt piecing! At least not in my quilts! So I learned a lot and I think Maggie learned that maybe there are some folks out there that could a lesson or two (or a book!) before tackling this!
I was surprised how much fun I had with the project...time flew. Still need to piece some borders but that is something I can do with no stress! (ok, maybe just a little...but in a good way!) then some thread-painting (duh, there is real I-am-trying-new-stuff-stress there!) Good thing is it is a small enough project that I can work on without having try and stand or walk too much right now.
And a quick report on my guild's donation quilt...we drew last weekend at Arts in the Heart (booth photo above) so Cora Lee's Orchard is going to her new home. We raised over $3,000 for Camp Rainbow, a Camp for Children with Cancer. Our next quilt, Vintage Southern, is being quilted this week. So we need to start another one...takes almost a year to get them done!


quiltmom said...

I can relate to the challenges of stretching one's self- I just can't decide which way I want to stretch first LOL.
Is your MS causing you to have some physical challenges these days? Hope it is not creating too much pain or difficulty for you.

I have not tried thread painting or dyes on fabric- well that is not quite true with dyes- I did do a little silk painting many years ago- It was fun but not my strength.
It is good to play - it feeds your creative soul.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your new stretching.

Cathy said...

Oh what a gorgeous idea. I love it and always great to try something new. Congrats on a successful quilty fundraiser! xo

Tonya R said...

ooh, that's gorgeous! I love the idea of painting on fabric and yet I'm trying really hard to NOT add more "stuff" to the house. which is so hard!

pajudie said...

Your fabric painting looks like fun. Many years ago I did some thread painting, but I found it wasn't my thing. I have all the supplies - it was quite an investment buying all that thread - so maybe I should give it another try.
Your charity quilt looks beautiful - what a good cause.

Gypsy Quilter said...

What a fun project you picked. Beautifully colorful.

Many congratulations to your guild for raising so much for such a worthwhile project.

Anonymous said...

Did you use the tsukineko inks with aloe or fabric pens? I have used both and they are a blast to work with.