Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Re-dec

Due to the high winds all the Halloween decorations were taken in the other day.  I hope we will be able to put them back out tomorrow morning.
                                          Entrance-way with the witch's hat I made last year!
The wind has made it a good day to air out quilts...I'm going through the "stacks" to find a selection for a program on Monday night.  Every few months I like to check the quilts, refold or re-stack (many are laid on to of each other on a spare Queen size bed.)  A few minutes in the fresh air is good for them as well as getting them out into some good light so I can check for any issues.

This one is on my list to stabilize the border and a couple of blocks where some of the batting is escaping.  It wasn't a valuable quilt nor does it have a "distinguished or historically relevant" provenance so I may do some restoration.  The blocks are easy since I have a large stash of antique fabric and orphan blocks to pull from but the border is more challenging.  It will require a lot of fabric!  Do I break down and use a repro fabric?

This is another "southern" quilt (North Carolina.)  This is one of my few antique quilts with orange in it so I'm leaving it out for the holiday!  The quilting is a Baptist Fan or elbow design done in threads that range from tan to dark brown.  The batting is thick so the stitches are fairly large.  The binding is back to front - really common in southern quilts.

On the new quilt front...I have all the inner-border done on my ribbon candy quilt, one outer border attached and the final three new sewn together.  Should have a flimsy to show soon!


Vicki said...

Love the orange quilt - how fun!

Tonya Ricucci said...

love the decorating, love love the quilts. Ribbon Candy is looking great!

The Civil War Quilter said...

What a neat old sampler quilt. If it's not especially valuable, I'd say a good repro fabric for the border is fine. Your entry decor looks very inviting!

Janet said...

I love the quilt with the orange sashing! The blocks are so fun. A great fall quilt! I look forward to seeing your ribbon candy top :0)

Janet O. said...

I love orange, so that quilt is calling my name!
Can't wait to see Ribbon Candy all together!
Hope some nondestructive wind was all of Sandy you had to deal with!

AnnieO said...

I like the idea of the quilts getting a "wind bath" :) The orange quilt is very cool, as is your candy ribbon border!

quiltmom said...

Very pretty quilt that you have created with the ribbon border- fun to thinking that the air will help to clean the quilts.
I don't have any orange quilts though I might find some with rust in them.
I love your witches hat too.
Thanks for sharing.
Warmest regards,

mary young said...

Love the ribbon candy quilt. Would you please share where to get the pattern. Would love to make it.