Sunday, August 03, 2014

AQS Charlotte show

American Quilters Society shows are always fun to attend.  This time there was a bit of "pressure" as I was doing hanging appraisals for the first time at an AQS show.  It wasn't doing the appraisal that made me nervous it was just the process...didn't know how many I had to do in what amount of time.  The curse of the Type A was raising it's head again!

It all worked out fine.  I got to the show early enough to scope out the quilt I was going to work on that night.  The security folks were really accommodating and let us stay a few minutes over the 1 hour limit so I was able to finish and not have to come back early the next morning.

The quilts on display were very nice...unfortunately they don't want us posting photos (however I will slip in one made by a fellow guildmember, Patty!)  Also on display were many of the Egyptian tentmakers appliques.  There were also two tentmakers demonstrating their art.  Really beautiful work.  I have a couple that were given to me by a friend who lived in Egypt and one I bought at an auction (listed as a Scandinavian textile!)
Paula with our friend Patty's scrappy wedding ring quilt!
Even though I was busy at the show I did some retail therapy...most of it at Primitive Gatherings.  Really like Lisa's new fabric line with Moda...great cheddars and greens!  (and some pre-cuts...they are like candy!)

Across the street from the convention center was the nicest little park!  It had a literary theme...

this a bronze book page draped on the wall...

and they had these fun "road" signs in the flower beds...think it would be fun to make one for our yard with all the places we've lived since we've been married!


Impera Magna said...

I'm glad you survived your first quilt show appraisal so nicely... congratulations!

Charlotte is a great town to visit.. they have such cool stuff to see and do.

Janet O. said...

The tentmakers creations are astounding. How lucky that you own some!
Patty's quilt is a fun twist on the DWR
If I did a sign like that of all the palaces my DH and I have lived, there would be two signs, for towns 5 miles apart. : )

Liz said...

Miss you, hope you are well! Liz

sewkalico said...

That would be cute to do the place sign thing with your DH. We creatives do have too many ideas swirling around... Sorry I've not kept up with your blog, but hope that you are well xx