Friday, October 26, 2018

Tonya visit!

My friend Tonya (Unruly Quilter) came to visit and left this "doll soup" on my stove at the Quilt Cottage.  (I know not the most inspiring name but for now it is all I got!)

We did a lot of shopping at the local flea market and now Tonya has more creepy doll parts to play with!

I feel as if I am working on too many projects at once and not making progress with any of them!

Additionally my Goldie isn't doing too well.  She is getting close to 19 years old and very thin.

On the up side I did go to a quilter's estate sale and found a entire fat-quarter bundle of what may be my favorite collection ever!

This is the 1930's Around the World collection from 2005.  I've been searching for the Paris fabric for years now!    It was only $1 for each fatquarter or $3 a yard!  Yes I came home with way too much fabric but I'm not sorry!


Janet O. said...

Oh, my! That doll soup looks appropriate for this time of year--pretty creepy. :)
Sounds like a really great find at the estate sale!
Are you enjoying your Quilt Cottage? How near is it to your home?

Sherrill said...

Aww, Goldie girl's been around awhile. I know she's been dearly loved and pampered. My Fang is 16 1/2 and I worry about him all the time. They're our sweet little constant companions.

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

I love flea markets. Always looking for a "treasure". What a good buy, those fat quarters. Well, your cat is a real oldie! Mine is only 8.

Kleine Vingers said...

What lovely fabric you found. The doll soup is creepy but probably right for the season.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

That was quite a score. Sometimes things work out for us quilters that way! Feeling for your precious Goldie.

Barb said...

That doll soup is a hoot!
fun post

Nines said...

That fat quarter bundle was the first one I had ever bought! I've parceled it out over the years and now I'm back to an empty nest! Enjoy it as much as I did!

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