Monday, October 14, 2013

Quilt Show Quiltville Inspired Display

Scrappy Trip around the World...Siobhan Furgurson

When Bonnie Hunter lived in South Carolina she was a member of my guild, Pieceful Hearts Quilt Guild.
Orca Bay with green strings...
Orca Bay with blue strings...

Since so many of us had made a quilt inspired by Bonnie's workshops, books, magazine articles, and or website we decided to encourage as many as possible to put them into the show.
Roll Roll Cotton Boll #1
Roll Roll Cotton Boll #2
Including the ones hanging in the show, on the upper railings and in the demonstration area display we had 25 quilts representing about 16 patterns.
Pineapple Blossom...won a special ribbon from the Arts Council
So festive!  Made by Barbara Breland

It was fun to see the different takes on the quilts.

Here are two Smith Mountain in 4 colorway brights and the other in two colorways batiks.
We had four Easy Streets!  This one by Judy Lockhart took second in large quilts pieced - single.

  There were over 20 quilts in that category!  (this is a tough group!)
A Cheddar Bowtie by Pat Hinkle!
This quilt was started on one of Bonnie's Cruises....Paula R.
Tomorrow I'll post some of my quilts...


pcflamingo said...

Thank you for posting so many pictures! Bonnie is such an inspiration to so many of us.

Tonya Ricucci said...

great quilts. so fun to see that Orca Bay in two different colorways.

Nancy said...

Thanks for all the quilt show pictures. It's almost like being there.

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Awesome! I so wish I could have been there -- it looked fabulous and I know you had a great time!

Sherrill said...

Oh they're just all so pretty. Seems everywhere Bonnie visits (including our guild awhile back), she always gets lots of her quilts in show & tell. I really like the Christmas pineapple blossom. Hmmm, oh NO!! HA!

sewkalico said...

Just show's how fabulous Bonnie's patterns are! And how nice to see them with each quilter's own interpretation.