Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catch-up post!

Let's see...a "catch-up" post...

I was given some fun vintage tops...these wedding rings are huge (almost 24 inches across!

So far I've just laid them out and studied fabric...most are 50-70's.

May make these embroidered blocks into a top for the guild silent auction at our next show...the stitching is on cotton so they are most likely pre-1970 but who knows when the kit was actually finished (at least the embroidery!)

Next, Watson, our new puppy, is growing up quickly.  He starts training school this week...phew!

We got a new roof on our house due to the ice storm this winter...yes, it took that long for insurance and then for the roofers (who are so busy they are working on Sundays!)

And we redid a lot of the landscaping out back...partly due to the ice-storm and partly it was time!  Dobby our cat seems to think we did it just for him!
Heritage Daylillies...went into bloom the moment the landscapers left the property!

So this week I plan to get back in the sewing room...since it is hot, hot, hot outside it is the best place for me!  Should have something to show soon!


Chantal said...

Oh love the weddings rings! and the embroidery too. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.

AnnieO said...

Wow, those are big rings. Somewhere I have pieces and parts into grandmothers boxes. Lots of great old prints. Congrats on the property revamp. We don't have an ice storm to blame for our sad garden--how bout we blame the drought instead? Lol