Friday, January 30, 2015

Ocean Waves

Goldie...guarding the quilts...

Finally I feel as if I've made some real progress with my Ocean Wave quilt.

a photo from 2011!

There are four different blocks in this quilt and I have completed all I need for three of them.  Phew!

It is unlikely I will have the top finished by Saturday.  (my goal was to have it done by the end of the month.)  I do believe I will have it finished very soon has only been 5 or 6 years in the making so what is the rush, no?!
Watson on my inspiration quilt....
I have three antique Ocean waves in my collection.

This first one is circa 1920.  The apricot is a sateen fabric.  The pieces are very small (hst's are just over an inch!)  I bought it in Pennsylvania in the early 90's at an outdoor antique show.  It is hand pieced and hand quilted.

The second one I picked up at the American Quilt Seminar in Charleston two years ago.

 I love the red.  It is circa 1880.  There is a lot of earlier fabric in it so it is fun to study.  (The hst's in this are 1-3/4 inches)

It is hand-pieced and hand quilted.

And finally this wonky circa 1910 with large half square triangles.  This is the first OW I collected.
 It came from western Maryland.  If you like shirtings in a quilt then you would like this!

This is the one that started my Ocean Wave journey!

And while I was rummaging through quilt photos I found the inspiration block for my Richmond quilt in the previous post!

One the quilt studio front...still no word back from our Homeowners Association.  Not sure what we will do if they don't approve it the extension.


Taryn said...

Thanks for sharing your antique ocean waves quilts. It is one of my favorite patterns although I have none in my collection. I did make a blue and white one as a wedding gift once - hand quilted and everything. I want to do one for myself like one I saw in a shop once...the one you are making reminds me of it but the center squares are pink instead of blue.

Janet O. said...

Ocean Waves blocks take lots of HSTs and I kept getting tired of making them when I was making OW blocks, so mine took a long time, too. I love your vintage ones--especially the red!

AnnieO said...

Those are all wonderful quilts. I like the red one a lot! You've progressed from finding the top to finding the extra fabric and now making a bunch of blocks. Sounds like progress to me!

Tonya Ricucci said...

beautiful quilts, beautiful blocks. if they don't approve you, you move!

Debbie said...

Sometimes Homeowners associations have too much power or over step their bounds. Love the quilts.