Tuesday, March 24, 2015

making the cut...

I am determined not to pile everything that came out of my sewing room back into the new room.  This means some difficult decisions need to be made...

The good news - my guild has committed to making 80 quilts for a veterans home in town.  That is a lot of quilts!
(scrappy trip around the world in batiks...I made 3 of these!)
So I went through the top pile (at least the top pile I could find!)
(a chinese coins...hope there is a vet that like music!)
I found a few that will work.

Of course if they have female vets there I will have a few more to add to this!

The new space is about 3 weeks out...yesterday they broke through the wall!  It looks much larger from the inside.

I'm going to measure it this week and really start my planning.  The "plans" changed so many times I didn't put anything down on paper...now that I have walls I feel more confident of the measurements!


Taryn said...

How exciting! I will watch with envy as you make it into your studio.

Janet O. said...

I'm guessing your little pooch made the cut? : )
Love the batik Scrappy Trips!
That new space looks wonderful--and you get to make it yours now! Have fun! Can't wait to see it all decked out for creating.

Sue said...

A great opurtunity to have a clear out.
That is one amazing sewing space. You know what our English home are like, mine might just fit in that corner.

Tonya Ricucci said...

whee, getting close to having that sewing studio!

Vic in NH said...

Ahhh, a nice big design wall space, ooooooh so beautiful! I'm so very glad to hear that your antique quilt survived the washing so well, good job!