Sunday, February 28, 2016

Donation Quilt at Home Show

My quilt guild makes a quilt each year to benefit Camp Rainbow, a medically supervised camp for children with cancer.

One of our big events for this quilt is the Augusta Home Show.

I worked at our booth for the first shift and was really happy with how generous the folks were.  One man said he didn't have time to fill out the tickets but wanted to donate and put a $20 bill in the bucket!

Flowers are starting to come up even with the cooler weather...makes me want to work out in the yard but it is still about a month too early!

Speaking of flowers my friend Paula gave me my swap quilt this week!  The quilt on the left is Carnival corn that I made and gave to her and on the left is Fanciful Blooms (a Sue Spargo pattern that Paula made her own!)  which she made and gave to me!


Janet O. said...

That is a beautiful donation quilt. So appealing!
Those look like the daffodils I grow in my yard, which I don't think have even broken through the ground yet.
That was a serious swap!! Two incredible quilts--you two don't mess around when you trade quilts!! : )

cityquilter grace said...

both quilts so colorful and pretty but have to say carnival corn is my personal fave...our temps are warmish but a way from flowers yet..

Loris said...

The New York Beauty turned out so beautiful! Great cause for the quilt raffle.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Our flowers are also beginning to bloom--hope they are tough enough to make it when the cold winds and temps of March arrive

Purple Pam said...

Two wonderful quilts. You are both special ladies. I like the bright, beautiful blocks in the donation quilt.