Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Estate Sale finds...

A couple of interesting quilts from estate sales last weekend!
First a hexie quilt!  I know I said I had enough EPP in the closet and said no-more but this one is different.

I haven't seen a lot of black pathways in a garden block!  Paving perhaps?

This quilt is hand-quilted using blue thread which matches the backing fabric. I see this fairly often here in the south and am wondering if it is a regional characteristic.  

It has a great collection of fabrics that range from circa 1910 through the 1930's.  Lots to look at!

Next to come home was a top.

There are some fun western fabrics in this.

It is a simple 4-patch with alternating block pattern.  A good piece for fabric study.  It is pieced both by machine and by hand.  Would love to know which came first!

I learned a hard lesson at this sale.  There was a quilt that got away.  It was circa 1850 and in really tough shape but I went back to it several times.  I didn't know the pattern.  When I got home I checked all my luck.  So during breakfast I talked my DH to driving me back to the sale only to find the quilt had been sold!

So I've drafted up the pattern and while the "quilt that got away" is fresh in my mind I'll piece a few blocks to hang in my sewing room.


Janet O. said...

Fascinating hexie quilt!
Oh, the one that got away--how sad. When I am vacillating on buying something, I often ask myself "how much will it bother me that I didn't get this?" Sometimes I buy and sometimes I don't. : )
I would love to see the blocks you made from your memory of it.

Scrap and quilts said...

I love that hexie quilt. It gorgeous. So much to look at. Oh I want to make one like that. I laughed when you said pavement. So modern, right? Please explain to me exactly what do you think is a "regional charateristic"; is it the fact that it's quilted with a coloured thread or the fact that the thread matches the backing? Or maybe you mean both? I'm confused.
Sorry about the one that got away. If you take a picture of the block(s) you have made and upload it, you can do a Google search with the picture. You might get lucky and find some interesting stuff. Good luck. ;^)
scrap(dot)and(dot)quilts via gmail(dot)com

Vic in NH said...

Great acquisitions and I can't wait to see the blocks you'll make from the elusive 1850's quilt that got away.


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Tonya Ricucci said...

that 4-patch is fun! sorry about the not-yours quilt