Thursday, October 19, 2006

Back for real this time!

I will fast forward through the past five was 100 degrees on the day the movers came for our things, it took two days to pack out, there were several cuboards that got "missed," we drove up I-95 on 4th of July weekend with two cats and a dog who had never traveled before, it was in the high 90's in Massachusetts and my family doesn't have central AC, the heat go to my eyes and I lost a lot of vision (MS), my husband finally returned from his business trips but the day we flew to england was the day of the terrorist alerts so it took almost 30 hours to get from Boston the south of England. Deep Breath. Because it was now the end of the summer and we have three animals finding a rental/lease was difficult. We ended up with one that is big enough for our stuff, only has a few stairs, has a great garden for the pets but is not good for public transportaion (see bad eyes above.)

Next time I even think about moving will someone please remind me of this post! I am now in a house in the village of Teddington which is on the edge of the Cotswolds. The photo is hove the house we are renting. It is a very pretty area and regardless of transport we will stay put for at least three years!

Moving a sewing room is akin to madness...even worse when you go from a house with two walk-in closets and a large closet in every room to a house with no (none, zero, nada....) closets at all. My DH has absorbed many of the bookcases and cabinets that in the U.S. I had been using for fabric to now hold other clothes! I've never been known for an organized quilting room but this is a new low!

Unfortunately the first sewing project is some curtains...boring but necessary! I brought a lot of fabric with me from the states so for most of the rooms I am covered. The walkout doors in the Kitchen may require a shopping trip though...even I didn't bring that much fabric!

The good news is the eyes have slowly been getting better and I can now drive during the day. The bad news...I have a bad case of broncitis (spelling) so am house bound for awhile. At least I got some sympathy from the engineer from the broadband company and after three weeks of complaining he worked for over an hour to get the internet up and running. (OK it wasn't sympathy - I found out he was a golfer and I gave him a sleeve of Golf balls and a Masters golf towel...I was desperate.) So I no longer have to pay outrageous sums (5 pounds for 20 minutes) at the internet cafe or sit in the pub with my laptop hoping the wireless works long enough for me to get a posting in. Pubs are a tough place to write here - everyone wants to talk and then I've either run out of power on the laptop or had too many pints! (or half-pints...I'm a light weight!)

So I am back into the blog world again. I will be doing some catch-up blogging for the next few postings. Partly because I've been holding onto some photos from New England and some day trips here in Old (?) England that I've wanted to show and partly because it may be awhile before I get those boxes unpacked and get quilting again!


Tonya R said...

oh geeze, you worry me. wish I could be there to help you. Had no idea you were having problems with your eyes. Bronchitis isn't good either - you rest up like the doctor ordered and don't overdo it!!! The house is gorgeous - hope you end up with a wonderful sewing room.

Darcie said...

Your house looks precious, Sio! You'll soon create a happy, homey cottage with all of your stitching.

Do remember to rest and regain your strength!

anne bebbington said...

Siobhan it's wonderful to hear from you again - I'm sorry the move has taken such a toll on your health but I hope that now you will have time to rest and recuperate and settle well into the Cotswolds

Carol said...

What a fascinating adventure you are having! Looking forward to hearing more of your stories.

The Calico Cat said...

Welcome back... Hopefully everything smooths out for you soon!

Patti said...

Oh - what a wonderful looking house! And I loved the tea room story! Yes, you will have to find that place again. English tea is just the best!

SCquiltaddict said...

NOw hunny your sewing room is MUCH neater than last I saw it...those boxes are all neatly stacked:> house!!!!