Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Isn't Tea wonderful!

I am a confirmed coffee addict however I admit that nothing can compare to tea in an English tearoom. Cold from the light mist, hand and arms aching from carrying shopping bags all over town, and angry at myself for not being able to find the busstop I fell upon this tiny alleyway that had a old fashioned sign "antique textiles and tearoom." How cool is that!

They primarily had needlework (everything from tapestries to cross stitch and stumpwork) with a few quilts. The tearoom was on the third floor up a really narrow staircase but was well worth the climb. I have yet to have a bad cup of English tea, but this one was particularly good. Lots of eye candy to keep me entertained. Each table was set with a different type of china and vintage tablecloth. The cheese scones with melted cheese on top were full of calories - perfect!
My only problem...I lost the card with the address and I'm not sure I can find the shop again! I am such a dimwit! I was so tired and so out of it when I got there and when I left I was stuffed full of scone and happily not thinking clearly...duhhh. Even more bizarre - In less that a few minutes I was at the bus stop! I guess when I am feeling better and can brave the ever-changing weather here I will take the same bus and circle the area until I find the tearoom again!

PS I just reread my post and have a confession....though I love tea here there are mornings that I would trade half my sewing room for a large Dunkin Donuts Coffee and a Jelly Stick Cruller. Funny how you get homesick for food?!


Tonya R said...

Yes, tea is wonderful.The tea shop sounds fun - I'm sure you'll find it again. Dunkin Donuts coffee???? bleck. I haven't even had one of their donuts yet - haven't seen a single pumpkin or gingerbread flavored one. Does that mean I get half your fabric if I bring you a cup of coffee and a cruller? heh heh heh

anne bebbington said...

Siobhan - once you're settled in and starting to explore farther afield take the time out to visit Hereford - it's about 45 mins to an hour from Cheltenham and has a fabulous cathedral, the Mappa Mundi which is a famous mediaeval map of the world, Mr Doughty's fabric store and a lovely teashop just like the one you mentioned a couple of doors away from the main Post Office behind the 'Old House' a beautiful half timbered building set right in the middle of the pedestrianised area of the town centre. Our eldest was born in Hereford and we have many happy memories of our short time there - well worth a visit!

Clare said...

I second what Anne says about Hereford. My aunt and uncle live there, I was at college there and rowed for the local rowing club. It is a lovely lovely city and full of happy memories.

Ludlow is gorgeous too.

I'd give my eye teeth for some Fish and Chips and I can't live without my PG Pyramid Tea Bags. That is about the only thing I ask people to bring out these days.

dot said...

Sounds like you had a good time, even though it was a bit frustrating. I didn't think there were any Dunkin Donuts around anymore. I do know they had great coffee. Just remember to take each day as it comes and enjoy where you are. The series is tied 1-1 with game three tonight.

Judy said...

If you can't locate the shop, I bet any of the other shops in the area will know where it is. Just pop into one and they will point you in the right direction!!

It looks wonderful!!

Lois R. said...

That tea shop sounds wonderful! Glad to hear that you're settling in and finding your way. Hope you can find your tea shop again!

When Eric lived in England for about 18 months, he missed his American food and sports. Now that he's living in the US, there are certain foods from England that he misses and just can't get.

Tracey said...

Oooooooooh...it looks wonderful! I now have a longing to go over that big ocean and check things out!
And I love the pic of MacBeth. He looks so happy! Makes ya wonder why we humans don't just cut loose and do a few fun laps around the yard, huh? ;o)

Dawn said...

Oh that tea room is soooo cute. Well I for one do not like coffee, so the tea would be all I need!