Friday, March 09, 2007

More on the sampler quilt

The sun has finally come out here in the cotswolds. My cats have been sleeping on the windowsills for the past two days just soaking it all up!

I've been trying to make some headway on the sampler quilt for the group in Fairford but my other blog spot is not cooperating. I get halfway through a post and it kicks me off! Sooo frustrating. I may end up posting the directions to the blocks here. The photo on the right is the block we worked on this week.

As I was looking for blocks that would use the techniques we've already done I did find one that I hadn't done before and really like. I think it was called Comforts of Home. (Or something like that.) It isn't pressed in the photo so looks a bit more wonky than it is. Even my DH liked it which shocked me!
As usual I am having problems focusing on what to work on. I have at least four projects going and the kitchen is now covered in fabric!
I bought a chair at a government surplus sale the other day. It is pink...really pink. It wouldn't bother me since it is very comfortable and I got it to hand quilt in, but as expected DH really, really...did I say really...hates it! So other projects have been pushed aside as I quickly try to make a slipcover to hide the offending pink. Good think I hauled all this fabric over here! My slipcover my not be perfect but it will not be pink! Maybe that was why the chair was only $15?!
I also started a class on Tuesday on Medieval Pilgrimages. It is hosted by a local historical society. I'm having to brush up on my English history so as not to be the dimwitted American in the room! It is supposed to be fun and here I am cramming like I'm at university again! I hate to admit it but beyond a few basics at school and from watching Cadfael...OK more from Cadfael than knowledge of that time period is pretty limited. So I guess if there was ever a time and place to work on it this it! I did find some nice images to use in my journal page for this month...don't think this is what the instructor expects me to get out of the lectures though!!!


mereth said...

Just go with the flow and work on six things if you want to. You can clean the mess up later.
The course sounds wonderful, even if you do feel a bit behind. Surely they won't expect you to know as much- you are from another country after all.Just enjoy discovering waht you can, there aren't exams involved are there?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Coursework can be so boring sometimes compared to other things... like soaking up rays on the windowsill and piecing lovely quilt blocks. Good luck on the chaircover!!

Darcie said...

Remember...your *mess* is just creativity! Tidy up what makes you cringe...and enjoy muddling in and fondling the rest!

Is it too late to show us the PINK?! I'd love to see.

Have a terrific weekend, Siobhan!

Dawn said...

Your sampler blocks are looking good!