Friday, March 30, 2007

Cleaning Day

Well DH is at St. Andrews today on a golf outing with his buddies. He called last night all excited last night - his foursome won the draw and get to play on the Old Course. I however am not quite as excited...while he is out of the house I can get some serious cleaning done on my downstairs sewing room and the computer area.

You know how is is when you move into a house - there are plans in your head of where everything will go only when the movers carry the bookcase in you find it would stand right in front of the light switch so they move it 6 inches to the left and now the desk woun't fit! The next day you find out that there is some sort of wiring problem in that wall so broadband will not work so the whole office idea moves into a corner of the living room...Uhgggg.

So last night some neighbors came over and helped me move some bookcases, a sewing table, and some chairs. We packed two boxes of books and three bags of clothes into their car for the charity shop and put three bags of recycling into my car. I filled another box with fabrics I will never use to bring to the new quilters group (think stash deprived!) There is still some organizing left to do...I hate having books out of order. I want my mysteries all together. My quilt books together. My history books get the point.

The photo at the top is on the roof of the Gaudi apartment building that looks like a melting cake...not a straight line anywhere! The other photo is of the laundry and sewing room in one of the apartments decorated as it would have been when the building was put up. The contrast between the modern outside of the building and the turn of the century interiers was very unnerving.
Well, back to work...


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It will all come together eventually and you won't even remember any of this. It sounds as though yu have wonderful neighbors and the Quilt group is going to love you to pieces!

Finn said...

Hi Sio, there are time when a good 'pitching in' and getting some things done brings much needed satisfaction and peace of mind. Sounds like you and the help of neighbors benefitted everyone.
The quilters will appreciate the fabric and the shop will benefit from the clothes and books. And you'll have a bit more order. Always hard after a move, plus being tired. Hope you are feeling better again. Hugs, Finn

Tonya R said...

I had no idea Gaudi's work was that old. Gonna have to check out a book on him (and NOT put it in the carry on bag). That pic is so cool in close up to see all the mosaic tiles. Looks like a soft serve ice cream cone to me. Glad the house is coming together for you.

Darcie said...

Sounds like your neighbors are a good bunch to have around. They're lucky to have you...and you them.

Your quilt group is going to be blown away by your thoughtfulness, Siobhan! You will see their joy and gratitude in their many works that they put together.

Remember not to overdo! ;-)

Conni Lu said...

Moving is such a chore and also a challenge. You sound as though you are maintaining your balance and sense of humor. Good luck with things in the future too.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

You feel about your books like I do my CD's. I have them alphabetized. Some day I wonder if books will ever be digital, like music is becomming....hmmmm

Lois R. said...

I thought "soft serve ice cream" too. Very cool. And the interior shot of the apartment is dreamy! I love the look of vintage stuff in a home. I sure would like to get my hands on some of those linens and baskets!

Hope you're recovering from your "fight or flight" relapse. A good cleaning and reorganizing always makes me feel more in control of what's going wrong.

ForestJane said...

That upside down cone thing's a roof? Looks to me not like a melted cake, but like some child's dropped ice cream. :) Neat picture!

And relating things to quilting, the window looks like a long skinny wallhanging that someone put little yo-yo quilt blocks around.

and just as I'm about to hit 'publish your comment' I see that tonya says the same thing about the ice cream... lol