Friday, May 02, 2008


I'll get back to my quilting after this post...I just had to put up some photos of Prague. It is a beautiful city! Lots of museums and old buildings. Lots of old and new art. Even some Dixie music on a 14th century bridge!

I loved how the restaurant below had different fabrics on each of the chairs! There were several outdoor spots like that . Obviously it made me think of quilts!

The next two photos are from St. Charles Bridge. A great spot if a bit crowded with tourists. It has dozens of statues along the bridge with lots of artists selling their works. I wish we had a bit more sunshine but at least it didn't rain!


Gypsy Quilter said...

Awesome. I've always wanted to see that city. Post more pics. please!!

anne bebbington said...

Siobhan - thank you so much for sharing - I should have gone to Prague with DH and a group of friends about 4 or 5 years ago - I was recovering from a serious illness and had to even take our small flight of stairs in stages so elected not to go - DH still went with my blessing as it seemed stupid wasting two tickets and he wasn't travelling alone - he really enjoyed your posting and it reminded me that he has promised to take me back some time :o) must remind him of that!

Mad about Craft said...

We have been to Prague twice before (planning a Scout camp & going on Scout camp)and we are going again in 4 weeks time (agian for Scouts).

I love Prague and am really looking forward to going again.

Mary said...

Prague is on my husband's places to visit list. He works for Danish company and travels several times a year to Copenhagen...each time we talk about me going with him and adding on different city but haven't been able to manage it the last few years.

I'm hoping to go with him in June and we were going to Toronto after (a meeting he had to attend) but it looks like the Toronto part is off - maybe we can add on another European city.

Janiina said...

I live in Prag.I write english very vera bad.Prag is beautiful,old town.Look at the my town .I love its my town.