Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So over it....

I got a lot of quilting done this weekend...at least a lot of quilting related stuff...

On Saturday I actually finished this week's civil war block of the week. One more overdue block and I am caught up! (note to self - do not fall behind again!)

I also finished a little quilt top for my sister. Sort of for my sister...she attends a law library convention each summer and they have a "craft court" that collects blankets and quilts for a local hospital. My sister doesn't quilt so I am helping with this project. Since taking the photo I've pinned it and started quilting...should be done by the end of this week...

Sunday went to preview an auction that advertised several quilts (they are ok but not too exciting.) I may go to the auction on Saturday as much to see a huge signed Edgefield pot made by Dave around 1860 go on sale. It is an amazing piece of Southern history.
So I've gotten over the whole AQS thing (sort of) and mailed off the application to retest next year (deadline was today.) I'm putting together a plan but a lot rides on what my DH's schedule for the next 12 months...it is all in flux right now. But, if I waited for everything to be settled in my life I could never plan for anything so off I sent my application....

Those of you that know me know my response to crisis is to cook...or more accurately, bake. So yes, as I've been making my decision I've spent more time than usual in the kitchen. So my path to recovery was sort of like this
(sung to the tune "twelve days of Christmas....)

twelve dozen biscotti
eleven pints of pickles
ten pans of brownies
nine batches of muffins
eight banana breads
seven pecan pies
six boxes of fudge
five zucchini quiche...
four chocolate cakes
three linzer tortes
two vanilla flans
and a strawberry almond cheesecake mess....(yum...)

Got to go waddle off to the sewing room now....


debbie said...

So glad to see another person keeping up with the CWQ project! luck staying there! Oh, and by other I meant a friend in my quilt guild, not me. I'm so far behind just call me horses backside!
Had to laugh at your 12 days of baking decission making process. Kind of like that other famous 12 step program. I guess i'm lucky i never got really good in the kitchen, with my food restrictions...especially sugar and fats. Really sets my tick bourne illness symptoms off.
You'll be ready for that test next year!
I attended 2 days of a 4-day Farm Museum auction Memorial Day weekend. The first day everything went so high I didn't even bid. I went back Sunday to buy a brush scyth and got one that is near new condition for $25! The best by of the auction! They retail for $125 to near $200. Kind of crazy considering you can get a weedeater for less.

jovaliquilts said...

My mother had a friend whose motto was "When in doubt, cook!" There's definitely something to be said for it. :)
Glad you've sent the application back in. I hope it all works out the way you want it to.
And what a cheery, happy kid's quilt!

McIrish Annie said...

I'm glad you are going to take the test again! I know you can do it. and all that baking wowowwwww! my hubby should be arriving at your door any second now. I'm sure he caught a whiff of all that baking.!

really wanted to see that "southern fried quilt". the lady shouldn't be embarrassed. blame it on her brother! he had it last.

sewprimitive karen said...

It's so satisfying to cook! But did you really make all of that LOL. That's good that you sent off the app for next year!

Nancy said...

I am so crossing all fingers and toes for next year. I know you'll ace it next time around! I lurk, but I had to step out and tell you that - and to tell you that I really enjoy your blog!

O'Quilts said...

I have had to re-take exams too and at the end of it all...it is ok. I also can identify with the cooking...but I am a fudge girl...family recipe of 60 some years, guess there were lots of crisis since I know the recipe by heart:)