Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anne Orr stitching patterns

Still doing lots of binding, sleeves and labels.  Doesn't make for the most exciting of stitching nor of blog-posts!

Did stop by my guild bee today to take some photos for the paper.  There were lots of fun projects going on including and almost finished Easy Street done in Madi Gra Colors...(perhaps she could call it Bourbon Street...Canal Street...lots of options!)

Also, a quilter was cleaning out some of her Mom's fabric and patterns.  It was mainly needlepoint and embroidery patterns from the 1900's to the 1930's.  This envelope caught my eye...Anne Orr.

This is the same Anne Orr who designed many quilt patterns.  Many of her quilt designs reflect her background in needlepoint designs.   She ran a successful pattern mail-order business from Nashville, TN and published in many magazines.

 Unfortunately all of the patterns were already claimed but when I explained what they were I was given one to keep with the quilt history papers!


Kathy in FL said...

Love how you framed your label! I'm going to try it on my next label.

Janet O. said...

Yes, I like the corner treatment on your label.
Great names for the Easy Street.
That is nice that someone gave up a pattern for you--and the history. Oh, if you had only been there earlier! : )

Merilyn said...

Wonderful old needlepoint patterns, and in colour too, much easier to follow than crosses, dashes and circles of the patterns of today!!! Binding and labels are a bit boring, but most essential!!! I also like your little corners on your label, nice idea!!!!

Loris said...

Keep up the good work! I like doing bindings but labels for some reason...not so much.
I'm hoping Mac and Brownie are still on the mend. Mac especially is still on my mind and heart. Treats and belly rubs to both of them :-)