Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Southern food wonderings

One of the things I love about springtime in the south are the roadside farm stands!

We have had local strawberries for almost a month but the ones out now are really sweet...ate a dozen on the ride home yesterday!  The asparagus is also local and as close to the 'gras I had from the village farm in the Cotswolds as I've found here in the U.S.

Also out now is rhubarb.  I tried grilled rhubarb last night for the first time.  Sounds crazy but it was wonderful! (I heard about it on NPR as I was driving into the farm-stand ..kismet!)  I just wiped the rhubarb with a bit of olive oil, sprinkled with a bit of sugar and put it on the grill with the  plank salmon.   Served it with a spinach salad with strawberries, spiced pecans and feta.

But this blog is supposed to be about quilts not food!  Last night I sewed the binding on my front side of my Material Obsessions quilt.  Today I have already hand sewn one side down to the back.  Only three more sides to go!

Question...when you make a quilt from a book or a pattern do you use the name of the quilt from the book or pattern or do you give it its own name?  Not sure which I will do with the quilt.  It isn't as if a name jumped out at me while I was making it....have to figure it out before I can make a label!

And here is a photo of a new addition to the livingroom couch...a min-Macbeth!  This pillow is made in Edinburgh by Crafty Things using Harris wool.  So far the cats have left it alone (though I did catch Dobby eyeing it suspiciously yesterday!)


Sarah said...

Grilled rhubarb sounds delish - I'm going to visit a friend tonight who has offered me some - more kismet!

regan said...

I love posts that have food AND quilty stuff! They're our two favorite things, right? lol

LOVE the scotty dog! SWEET!

Frog Quilter said...

I have been gorging on strawberries for over a month. YUM! After strawberry season comes peaches YUM, more gorging.

Merilyn said...

I love roadside stalls, we have them here a lot too, as I live in a rural area!!!
I generally like to give a quilt I make from a book etc, its own special name! Sometimes I've made a small alteration here or there, and like to call it something that is relevant to what I was thinking/feeling or doing at the time of the making of that quilt!!!!
The little scotty dog is very cute!!!!!

Janet O. said...

Love food talk, too!
I like to rename my quilts, but on the label I will often include "based on the pattern _______by_________".
Cute little Scotty! I am of Scottish heritage--maiden name of Kidd.

Tonya Ricucci said...

food works too! your meal sounds really yummy. doesn't matter what you call the quilt, still looks good.

Mary Ellen said...

Somehow the first strawberries of the season are the best! Regarding naming a quilt, I usually make up my own name, or give the published pattern name my own twist.

Marei said...

Love your little Scotty dog! I like to make up my own names for least most of the time. And I find it's easy for me to name a quilt I'm going to give away but hard to name one I'm going to keep! How weird is that?

Taryn said...

Food talk is as good as quilt talk to me. Although, it's hard not to lick my monitor when looking at those strawberries. Come to think of it, a few quilts make me want to do the same. Okay, maybe that's gross.