Monday, August 12, 2013

August hot garden...

After a week of really hot weather not much is blooming in the garden.

 The only color is this butterfly bush which seems to be attracting as may dragonflies and spiders as it is butterflies.

I took advantage of a break in the humidity to wash one of the quilt tops I bought in ebay.  This log cabin quilt top looked clean but had a musty smell.

I was shocked at how many times I had to change to water while washing this one!

 It was in the tub for most of the morning and must have run through a dozen or more is now a bright quilt and smells "like sunshine."  (love hanging clothes or quilts out on a much nicer than coming out of a dryer!)

Here is another ebay quilt...this one really is clean!  And sooo bright!  Fun quilt.

This is going to spend a bit of time on the line today then get a hanging sleeve so it can hang in the guest bedroom!  I decided that room was way too formal (boring!) which only makes the stashes of fabric and beads in there look more out of place.

Here is my little buddy, Zero,  from next door...getting closer and closer to digging his way under the fence!  He can now get his whole head and one shoulder under...some day I expect to find him at my back door...


Loris said...

Gorgeous 'new' quilts! Nice to know they found a good home :-)
Love to your new friend. Back door visitor :-)

Tonya Ricucci said...

you're being really productive! I'm sitting at the computer festering, but I did sew for two hours, that's something. wish i had a clothesline or fence that i could use outside, but we got zilch. hi,Zero. sweet boy. he must get sooo darn bored over there, poor guy.

Janet O. said...

That is a beautiful butterfly!
Your log cabin top looks freshly made now!
What a cheerful quilt for the guest room. : )

Elaine Adair said...

I would LOVE to have that visitor! He could slobber on my quilts any time. 8-))

Good you are happy with your EBay purchases. 8-))

sewkalico said...

Gorgeous quilts. I like mine to air dry too (weather permitting).