Friday, August 02, 2013

Donation Quilt Top finished!

It must seem like I've been working on this has only been since January...just feels like forever! least the top and the backing.  Now I can hand it off the the quilter.  A guild member volunteered to do the binding!  We are going to put a bit of yellow piping in beside the turquoise binding...should help balance off the yellow which in real life does not look nearly as florescent as it does in the photo! Phew.  Looks like we should make the October deadline without too many problems (I type that with my fingers crossed!  maybe I should knock on wood too....)

The quilt doesn't have a name favorite of those suggested so far is "Party in the Garden."  It is the guild's 25th anniversary and the name of the quilt pattern is Gloriously Modern Garden (Piece of Cake Designs.)  Speaking of Piece of Cake...see that red fabric on the far left of the arch.  The one with the fruit on it.  This is from one of Piece of Cake's early fabric collections.  Not sure of the date but I bought it in Maryland so it has to be before 1999....anyone know the exact date?

Also, my friend Rachel finished caning my chair!  We swapped - a piece of furniture I got in England but wasn't using for this chair to be repaired.  She did an amazing job.  Now if I can just keep my husband from standing on it!

My legs are acting up...having balance issues.  So I've pulled out some not too challenging applique to work on...saves running between the cutting board and the sewing machine.  I know this one isn't on "the list" for this year but it is so very close to being finished!

And finally, just had to share this photo..."do not set you or your friend on fire" was so important is was painted on the window but "no weapons allowed" was an after-thought and had to be taped up there on the notepaper?  Really? (just to keep things clear I do not frequent this is just next door to the fabric store!)


Janet O. said...

That is such a happy, delightful quilt!
Your chair looks very good. I'm impressed with your friend's work.
Sorry about your balance issues.
Quite the house rules. Maybe they have more pyromaniacs in the area than gun owners?

Brenda said...

Great donation quilt. It's bright and fun and lively and someone will be very lucky. As for the house rules, I'm assuming the place has been frequented by hot heads, fire starters and pants-below-the-waisters! and only recently, people with weapons. what are the rules on the door of the quilt shop? only fabric hoarders allowed, lol?

Tonya Ricucci said...


judith lockhart said...

The donation quilt looks wonderful! I really like the bright and cheery look! I still have some of the fabric in yellow like the red you pointed out. Another reason why I must work on some of my UFOs. An appliqué quilt halfway completed. I can't find a date on the fabric though.

AnnieO said...

Looking party in the garden like! I'm glad you did the yellow--it adds some spunk!
I like the new appliqué project too--good thing you have plenty of projects to keep you busy off yer feet :)
Hilarious house rules in a slightly terrifying way!

Loris said...

Strong work, Sio! The quilt is gorgeous and yes, quite a bright party. Hope it brings in lots of cash!
Hope you are balancing better soon. It probably takes the wind out of your sails a bit too. Applique sounds like the best past time. I'm starting some here too.
Interesting bar to have near the fabric store. The quilters must have some wild husbands they have let loose in there ;-)

Merilyn said...

The donation quilt turned out beautifully, it'll look fabulous quilted too, such a dynamic design!!!
Your chair looks great too, your friend did a great job!!! I actually have a chair very similiar, and the cane has a bit of a 'dip' in it, it's in the sewing room, just haven't found anyone locally who could make it look like new again!!!! Enjoy your applique work, hope your balance returns soon!!! Take care...

Kathie said...

I love this donation quilt, it just makes me smile
as you know not my normal style but one I would love to own!
not sure about the fabric date, I may have some of that will look and get back to you if it says it on the selvage and I can find it!

Kimme said...

The donation looks fantastic, well done.