Monday, March 24, 2014

Pigeon Forge Show

Had a great time up at Pigeon Forge at their annual quilt show.  It was my first time at this show.
Three of us with Cindy Blackberg...
Five quilters from my sewing group went up and stayed in some condos less than a mile from the show.  I was even able to spend some time Bonnie Hunter on her off time (she taught 7 classes in 5 days!  That women is a true super quilter!)
Paula and Bonnie with the Bonnie "cruise quilt!"
As usual I did a lot of damage in the vendor area.  I found a old/new favorite -Lakadaisies (  I spent a good part of last night digging through the vintage materials looking for the perfect (or not so perfect!) tablecloth, feed-sacks, and laces so I can start my Christmas quilt!

As usual I stocked up on items that are difficult to find in our area - reproduction fabrics and hand quilting/sewing supplies mainly.
Cindy's railroad crossing quilt
I took the Railroad Crossing hand piecing class with Cindy Blackberg.  Learned I had developed some bad habits with my hand piecing...with I had taken the class before I made the Russian sunflower quilt!  Maybe I would only have twice as many blocks as needed instead of three times!  (maybe that is shy I loved this appliqued sunflower quilt!)

There was more hand quilting at this show than I had seen in a long time.  The quilts themselves were a real mix of truely amazing to just plain fun!

This one of a Middle Eastern street scene was one of the incredible ones...

the maker said she focused on improving how she depicted hands...

I'd say she did well!  (can you tell I loved this quilt!)

The Quilt Appraiser Ribbon (no, I didn't work this show) was given to a quilt made using Bonnie Hunter's Log Cabin Pineapple Pattern.

More on the show later...I still have lots of unpacking and laundry to do!


Janet O. said...

Looks like a great time for you! I'm glad you had this chance. Love the quilts you have shown so far. I look forward to more!

Tonya Ricucci said...

both those quilts are gorgeous. and far more work than I'm willing to do. glad to hear there is still a show where there's some hand quilting going on!

Teresa in Music City said...

Looks like you had fun!!! I was there too with a group of friends for the week - had a great time! I saw Bonnie on Saturday and was amazed that she remembered me from her time with our Guild last year - she's amazing!!!

AnnieO said...

Wonderful quilts! Nice to see those smiling faces! Maybe someday I'll take a hand quilting class and learn how to take small stitches. Thanks for the show!

Karen said...

Cindy Blackberg was my very first quilt teacher. Excellent teacher.