Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bernina Quilt Seminar

I'm at the point of needing a new sewing machine Viking is doing a slow death.  I can't complain since I've used it so much I wore the feed-dog out!  Something my repair guy had never seen happen before!

The three day workshop gave me a chance to work with several different models...Day one was piecing and machine applique with Nancy Mahoney.  She is a very good instructor.

She has a nice book on paper-piecing coming out.  One of the samples is on the wall over my right shoulder!  I've come to like workshops where the kit is supplied.  It makes the instruction easier (everyone pick up the dark pink...) and it is much faster since I don't spend workshop time debating fabric choices.  It allows me to focus on the technique.  In general I am not a kit person so this is a big "turn-around" for me!

Also loved that I had a finished top by the end of the day.  Not a lot of workshops that happens in!  I'm going to quilt it up and give it to the little girl next door who is in her "pink" phase!

I'll post days 2 and 3 in my next blog posts.

I am trying to keep my garden under control this spring...the primrose has taken over a large part of the flower garden.  Adding them to the list of the plants for lazy gardeners!

Health wise it has been a tough spring...MS is cyclical for me.   I'm hoping to be on the up side right now but have to take it easy.  


Janet O. said...

That is such a great picture of you and Nancy!
I am not a kit person, either, so your reasoning made me think twice. You made some good points.
Love the lazy gardener comment--should put it on my list. The older I get, the lazier I become with my garden.
Sorry you have been having an MS flare. I know from my daughter's experiences how frustrating it can be when you had other plans for your life.

Loris said...

You look really happy in your photo with Nancy. It shows it was a great workshop for you. I like being able to focus on a technique without having to make too many decisions too. I get easily distracted and worn out in groups so that helps a lot. That's not to say I'm not having just happens :-)

Elizabeth Rogers said...

Very happy you are mostly ok. Liz

The Joyful Quilter said...

I just took a class with Nancy Mahoney a couple of weeks ago. You are right... she is a FANTASTIC teacher!!! Speaking of which, I should really get back to piecing my Feathered Star...