Sunday, May 01, 2016

Workshop day two

Once again I tried my hand at free motion quilts...this time it may just work.

So why now?  Well, Amanda Murphy who taught the workshop did a great job.  She has a book out called Free-motion Quilting Idea Book published by Stash books.  I liked her process and she is a high energy instructor.  Amanda designed the fabric panel for Bernina that helps folks learn different fm designs.  Would definitely recommend her as an instructor!

Second is the stitch regular which is a bit like training wheels for free motion quilting!  Makes it just a bit easier for me to focus on the pattern and get usable results.  We used the 700 series machine in this class.

I have not bought a machine with stitch regulator yet...I'm going to give my current machine another go.  But now I know what the S.R. does and how the dual feed can make it easier for me to move the quilt through.  Anything that makes it easier on my arms is a bonus!

Have to admit I was exhausted at the end of the day...constant information and practice.  But tired in a good way...thankfully lots of coffee was available!

Also got to try out the Bernina sit down machine.  Really liked this.  I am definitely a move the quilt sort of quilter.

The long arms is impressive but it just isn't how I "think."  Also standing for long periods of times isn't in the cards for me.

Now I will continue to hand quilt...just need an option for quilts that need to be finished quicker beside "quilting by check!"  I did a recent inventory of quilt tops that I have waiting to be quilted...74!

More on Day three tomorrow!

On a side note...made and awesome birthday cake for a quilting friend!

This cake has two layers of carrot cake with the middle being cheese cake...then frosted with praline cream cheese frosting!  It takes decadent to a whole new level!  I found the recipe on the internet!


Gail said...

Which website did you find the recipe on? Mu husband loves carrot cake.

Janet O. said...

The panel looks like a great teaching tool for FMQ.
I love my sitdown quilting machine (HQ Sweet 16)! I have only seen photos of the one Bernina makes. What did you think of that machine?

Carline said...

do you have a link for your cake. I am fascinated by the cream filling. Love seeing your quilts and I feel so much better knowing someone has more quilt tops than I do to finish.

Gypsy Quilter said...

It's so nice to see blog posts from you again. We've missed you. Ummm cake. Praline icing oh my. Am almost afraid to ask for the recipe.

Judy in Michigan said...

So happy you are writing again - missed you so much and was so worried about you. I have a Bernina 440 with a stitch regulator which I LOVE. I use it with the Supreme Slider and gloves and I get good results. I would think the sit down quilter machine would be good for you since it minimizes the need to pull and tug the quilt through the throat. Plus, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg and doesn't take up much room. Be well!!!

Pam Marbourg said...

i personally am terrified to machine quilt. i have a beloved juki with a speed regulator and have used it to quilt about 5 quilts. I will tell you what has really given me confidence and that is cindy needhams craftsy class-design it, quilt it. i learned so much and am now quilting my mountmellick quilt. i will have it on my blog asap
pam @