Monday, March 06, 2006

Antique Charity Quilt

Since I helped with the quilt exhibit at our local museum I have gotten a call a week from someone with a qult that they would like me to look at and tell them either how to take care of it, how was it made, and what it it worth. Most of the quilts so far haven't been too exciting. Friday was different.

The quilt in the photo was dropped off at a charity thrift store a few months ago. It was at the bottom of a box with several other quilts. The others were from the early 1900's and not in the same league at all as this one! I found several names for the block pattern - Whirling Wheel and Full Blown Tulip to name a few. The color placement is a bit different but these are the closest. The fabrics are pre-civil war. The quilting and piecing is excellent. Unfortunately the black dye in the red print is popping, it is very dirty, and there are a few paint, nailpolish, or some other red hard substance on the quilt. Combine the dirty and the popping and it makes for a difficult quilt. The setting of the blocks however is striking and the yellow fabric in the centers is beautiful. No provence on the quilt hurts its value as well.

It is a very fun qult though...but I am supposed to be downsizing not acquiring! So unless someone jumps in an buys it at the store this week you will see it on ebay in the near future. Sigh.


Dorothee said...

Hi there and thanks for the compliment on my Monsoon quilt.

You're moving to England? Where? I'm jealous, I'd move back to England tomorrow if given the chance!

Anonymous said...

What a stunner! Even in the photos it looks like it is very well made - lucky you :-)

Dawn said...

Oh I'm soo tempted! I love this quilt!

Lucy said...

It is so beautifull.. Can you give us a close up? I saw this block once in a magazine as a cesaers crown.

Tonya R said...

The red seems to have held its own incredibly well. The quilt looks beautiful in photos, even if it's got a few problems close up.