Thursday, March 02, 2006

Finding Time

First I had to post a picture of Goldie...she was feeling left out since both Brownie (her sister) and Macbeth had made it into cyberspace...

As I've made my way through blogs I've noticed lots of UFO lists. I've even considered posting my own but am too nervous my husband would see it! I'm really good at starting projects but not at finishing. Sound familiar? So, I have a choice to make - this weekend I can stay home and finish at least one project (most likely my king-size log cabin) or I can go spend the a few nights at Edisto Beach, S.C. and visit the quilt show in Charleston.

Having read the first sentance you can guess I'm heading to the beach....I'm declaring this "freedom from UFO guilt" weekend. I will not make lists. I can buy fabric. I can start as many new quilts, necklaces, sweaters, journals, jackets, or anything else during the next three days. (It helps tomorrow is payday!)

Promise to bring back lots of photos from the show.


Laura said...

Goldie is a beauty! I do love my kitties! Have fun at the show, I can't blame you for choosing that over your UFO's. I decided that this was my year fro UFO's but after having completed 3 I am at a standstill. I just don't have the desire to work on them!

cher said...

ufos will still be there-good for you to go and play-live it up! I went to a real small show today-blogger only let me post two photos so far :-)

Bonnie said...

I hope you have a great time at Edisto. I really wanted to go...but Jeff has pulled a whammo and is suspended from school and grounded, and I just can't take off because of all of this! Whhhhhhaaaaaa! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to the pics!