Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quilt Show Mavericks

The show last weekend was a lot of fun. Some great vendors (I was very bad!) and I got to see Bonnie and other quilter friends. Though, like most of the quilt excursions I wore myself out!

The photos is of Bonnie with a quilt made by members of our night bee - Wonderful Woman Who Quilt (WWWQ...The initials sort of makes it sound like a wrestling channel! Anyway, it was designed by Maggie Hunt and quilted by Bonnie in time for Rachel's 50th birthday. It is a great quilt! The colors are ones Rachel loves but doesn't use...sounds odd but it worked!

I drove down on Friday with a friend from out group. A good thing since we used two lane roads the entire way and unless there were two of you there is no way you would find all the turns! We stayed at Maggie's family's beach house in Edisto, SC. There were 8 of us staying there so of course that means we stayed up late in the evening reading quilt magazines, quilting and knitting. (Oh ya, and a few glasses of wine....) The next day we had lunch at a Middle Eastern Restaurant called Saffron...the service was poor, food was good the desserts were excellant! I'd go back...no skinny little high-school girl is mean enough to stand between me and great chocolate!

The high point of the trip for me was a visit to the People, Places and Quilts's booth and little shop in Charleston. They are one of my favorite shops on earth...and since I've gone through a fair many that is saying something! They have beautiful and unususal sample on the walls, great selection of fabric, and they are friendly. I love the way they package things...I got a basket of fabric that could be used as a centerpiece it is so pretty! Anyway, since I was in Charleston I got some of the Charleston reproductions that just came out and picked up the PPQ pattern they made to go with them. I don't usually use patterns with my reproductions but this will have good memories!


Tonya R said...

Glad you treated yourself to some fabric, not so good you wore yourself out. Wish I coulda been there.

Finn said...

Sounds like a great time, fun, friends and fabric. An unbeatable combination..and such a nice pic of our Bonnie..thanks for sharing.*VBS*

Laura said...

Love the quilt, what great friends to do something like that! Glad you had fun!

Samantha said...

Lovely colors in that quilt the Wrestling Quilters made- LOL- you made me smile very much with that image :-)

Dawn said...

Oh thanks for sharing that picture of that quilt and Bonnie! It is a really fun quilt - and a great idea from friends!