Friday, April 28, 2006

Back in Blog-dom

For the past month I've been off the computer...too many issue tonumber and if I do it sounds way too whiney. My apologies.

I did get to go to a great workshop with our guild. Dianne Hire who wrote Quilters Playtime was the instructor. She was fun but also kept us in line wo we were able to learn a lot. The photos are of my two "play blocks." The technique in the first photo (the blue quilt) is called musical chairs. The technique for the border is called piano keys. They are both very easy. The black and white with citris colors is called of is fun.

I am slowly getting ready to move. The neighborhood yard sale is Saturday and I may be organized enough to put a few things out! My stepson is coming up in a few weeks to take some "stuff" like the couches, hutch, and extra bed. The whole thing is exhausting! My husband is keeping his hands off the quilting room...who says you can't teach an old dog! After seeing the prices of fabric in England I'm taking the lot with me...even if there is no way that I could ever use all of it in only three years!


Patti said...

Good to see you back - we missed you! Sounds like you are doing OK. I can't imagine having to pack up my quilt room! I'm sure I'd have to take all my fabric also - how could I ever choose!

Judy said...

I like the black and white quilt blocks, although the picture did something to make itself look pink and I had to find the black and white one! LOL!

It looks like a very interesting pattern.

Samantha said...

Oh, I'd LOVE a class from her! I have the book, and some partially worked blocks... Yours are so much fun!

Finn said...

Soooo happy to see you back again...and I'm sure that life keeps happening while we are making other plans..*S* But it's good to see that you are ok. Love the workshop pieces...very liberated!!

Regarding moving, I'm sure we are getting old to have do that much work! My hat's off to you..*S*

cher said...

thought you must be hip deep in the sorting/packing mode ...good for you to decide to take as much of your fabric with you as possible-I am sure you will use more than you think.