Monday, March 30, 2009

After only three weekend of work...finally all the weeds are out of the front beds. This morning I hired a man to do the rest of the gardening and lawn stuff. At the rate I've been going I'd miss this year's growing season by a long shot!

Right now I am frantically getting ready for a class tomorrow. What was I thinking when I signed up for this? Lots of little pieces...pulling fabric from my recently tamed stash...rummaging for those 6 inch rulers that I know I have (but am thinking I may just use the 40% off coupon and buy one at the store's well organized notion wall....this friends is how I ended up with multiples of almost everything!) I had signed up to make a dessert for lunch...I can still do that...duhh, I have a quilt bee tonight and promised to bring the show flyers. I can still do it, right?
Some photos of a nearby town - Aiken, South Carolina. It has a very cute downtown with a couple of fun antique stores. There are lots of horse loving folks around here so they did these painted horse sculptors for the downtown.
And who needs to lock the doors when you have Fido here guarding the truck! Think Mac would ever do that for me?...not!

I did find one quilt but not at the price that had on the tag. I am getting much pickier about conditon than I used to be. I did however sketch the pattern when I got may see more on this later. Now however, I have to finish the class foraging, wait for a call from the doc, see if I can get into the next digital photography class, update our financial stuff for my DH and our first Saturday sit-down, and finally bake that d@#%! cake. (Do you think they would notice if it came from a bakery?)

Sorry so little quilty stuff...promise lots tomorrow night!


Loris said...

Congrats on getting the weeding done and help for the future enlisted. Nice horse, but love the truck dog guard.
Enjoy the class :-)

Gina said...

Yeah, they'll notice it. Your baking, I am so sure is so more wholesome and yummy. Don't buy it! Bake it yourself and maybe you already have something in the deep freeze! Good luck
Love the dog guard on the truck.

SubeeSews said...

I also over engage myself. At the time of signing up all seems doable.
I have multiples of rulers too. And fabric...guess I must have loved it if I bought it twice!
Were your ears burning this morning? I told my oldest daughter about your kitten rescue and also how I won that great jelly roll of Moda! It came in the mail Saturday.
I bought a great tool years back that helps with gripping things...I have no is by Craftsman and is called "Robo Grip". Easy for my weak hands to hold something small that needs a pinch grip. I also add some batting if the item is fragile. Works for all things around the the film on peanut butter jars etc. pop can lids...little lids.
Hope this helps....Subee

Clare said...

Glad you've found someone to help out with the weeding and gardening.

Love the horse.

Best of luck for the class tomorrow.

Tammy said...

I say buy it - sometimes you just can't do everything and I'm an avid baker. But hey, there are only so many hours in the day. I was in Aiken several times working at the Savannah River Site. Back in the day. Luckily I only travel for fun now. Have a great class.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

typical Sio, trying to get too much into one day. enjoy the class.

*karendianne. said...

This post was hilarious. Yeah, I'm thinkin' I can see how you end up with so many notions. You're funny!!! Looking forward to hearing how class went.

Pretty smart to sketch that quilt pattern by the way.

What did you do for dessert?

Nanci said...

Gardening is still a dream here in Ontario...I loved the horse photo. Toronto had a fundraising one year and businesses bought moose, large as life sculptures and they were all over the city in different colours. Excellent stuff and people would stop their cars to take the photos as the moose were moved around the city.

Kelly Jackson said...

If you had not said this picture was from your yard, I would have sworn it was taken in my front yard.

I loved the note pad and pens that you sent to Elaine Adair. Very nice!! I saw them here: www.elaineadairpieces.blogspot. com
while blog hopping this morning.