Friday, March 13, 2009

Final MS Awareness Day

Everyone has been great about leaving comments and I have collected some great suggestions for making quilting a bit easier on the aching bod!

First, I had my PT guy pull the name for the fat quarters...drum roll...the fat quarters and airplane binder go to Sew Create it Jane over in England! (By the way he is very impressed how international quilt blogs are! He is from the Ukraine.)

Selecting the best suggestion became a PT office sport...the receptionist had a say, the other physical therapists put in thier two cents but in the end it was the "minkee" that swayed them. Subee Sews recommended making balls from minkee and using them to exercise hands while sewing and even filling them with things that can be microwaved so you can warm your hands. Having no idea what minkee is Mikey emailed me last night and I brought a piece with me to my appointment...he loves the stuff however he wants me to make several balls and not only use them to squeeze but to "juggle" making my arms move between quilting bouts. (he is a cute boy but juggle? what is he thinking...I'm lucky if I make it across the parking lot without dropping my handbag!)

Sorry for no photos (particularly since he looks a lot like Robert Conrad in Wild, Wild West...sigh)

Final MS Factoid: Across the country over 460,000 volunteers participate in event and support programs and service to help people with MS. (This includes Bonnie Hunter's DH who rides in the Bike MS each year.)

My Take on this: To every one of them...Thank you.

And a few more "making your sewing room a safer place."

1. Fix bookcases and cabinets to the wall using L brackets. Imagine standing at the bookcase full of fatquarters and suddenly losing your balance. Naturally you reach out and grab the bookcase. If that bookcase isn't attached to the wall there is a chance the bookcase, shelves and all the fabric would come tumbling over with picture that bookcase full of books. Screwing those L brackets into the wall is one of the few handyman tasks my DH doesn't complain about doing for me.

2. Flourescent tape. This can be the strips or the cool little arrows from the office supply store. At risk of looking like a crime scene I have taped the danger zones in my room - corners of the desk (I hit that corner soooo many times I had a permanent bruise.) The little arrow are great for using on patterns to hightlight the important parts (like measurements) and on my cutting squares so I have a chance of finding 3-7/8 on a regular basis!

Now back to quilting world! The quilt at the top is a vintage quilt I purchaed back in the early 90's. I've made a bright version of it and found a batik version that only needs the corner squares and border put on. I'm adding it to my old one off, one on. Not a great way to make progress but it is a way to get things done


KimP said...

Cool quilt and a great way to end MS Awareness week!

belinda said...

Thank you....I enjoyed all your
informative posts this that 90's quilt too!1

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wonderful informational posts - great quilt - might we see the others?

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh come one, we want to see you juggle!!!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Thank you again! what lovely goodies to look forward to in the post.

One of my earliest memories as a child at school doing something for charity is doing a sponsored read for MS. I can remember getting sponsors at church and reading as many books as I could...I still recall the sponsor form and the logo!

paula, the quilter said...

I am so behind on my blog reading that I missed the draws. :( Anyway, this post about the corner of your desk reminded me of something I saw at the Dr. office a while back. There were some cabinets on the wall just outside an exam room that the staff apparently kept running into. The corner of the cabinet was covered in foam rubber duck taped on. Not pretty but useful.