Saturday, October 03, 2015

A finish! Phew!

Watson inspecting my work....great, now I have to check for pet hair again!

Now the pressure is on...only a month until my guild show!  So I am happy to report I finished a quilt!   This is a final finish - binding, sleeve and label!  Whoo-hoo happy dance!  (only four more to go!)

They are all "almost" done.  This is the problem with having so many UFO' takes longer to finish anything since quilting time is spread over so many projects!

Yesterday I put an old CD on - a workout tape from the 80's - and I got lots done!  I made miles and miles of binding.  Think got caught up in Blondi and Pat Benetar beats!  I also made several yards of sleeves...easier to do this in big batches!

All this puts me closer to the goal.  Want to have the binding sewn down on the King size quilt by tonight so I can sew on it during the Sunday morning news shows.

Also, I am going to a quilt retreat next weekend.  For me this is a "finish-it" retreat.  Though if I can get some of my projects done before Thursday I may allow myself to start on one of the three baby quilts I need to make for nephews who are expecting!

And a brief friend Sue is fostering these two kittens.  The little female was shot with a bb-gun and has a broken leg.  When Sue brought her home the larger male kitten immediately bonded with her.  Now Sue needs to find a home for them together!  She is hoping the Kaffee background will bring good luck!


Loris said...

Congrats on the finish! It looks to be a really fun quilt. Watson approved :-)
Thank you to your friend for rescuing these kittens. I'll be praying the little girl heals well and finds the right home. They are both beautiful -^.^-

AnnieO said...

Happy dance indeed! Usually I'm sewing on a label minutes before I give the quilt away :). Have a great finish up retreat. I'm not even 1/3 of the way through a quilt I'm making for a happy couple's wedding in a week! Hope to make great strides tomorrow. Hard to get anything crafty done while babysitting my grandson :)

Janet O. said...

Congrats on a finish. I hope it all comes together in time, without any great mishaps!
Those kitties look so sweet together. Here's hoping they find a good home real soon.

Sherrill said...

You are going to make it to the finish line!! I know you can do it. And what cute pictures of Watson and the kitties on quilts. Quilts are pet magnets. HA Those sweet kitties must go together..they are a matching pair and so adorable. How could someone do that?!!