Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Guild presentation

What was I thinking?!  I volunteered to do a presentation at my guild on "things you still have time to make before Christmas."

Almost all were freebie patterns/idea from either facebook or blogs.  I stayed away from bags or tablerunners since we have done those "to death!"  Plus they always take longer to make than the pattern claims...sort of like the chocolate chip cookie package recipe that says it will make 4 dozen cookies...in what universe!!

Anyway...I digress...so here are a few of the things I showed along with some tips I learned while making them...

First, this super easy pin cuff.  Since I know a lot of you also collect shirts and cut them up a-la-Bonnie you may also feel a bit guilty about tossing the cuffs.  Well, attache a bit of wool and a bit of magnet and you have a pin cuff!  (decorative stitching is optional!)The longest part of this project is waiting for the glue under the magnet to dry!

Next I showed a few of the mug heat cuffs...you can use a shirt cuff for this too.  A men's extra large is perfect for a Dunkin Donut's medium cup!

Wrapping a bit of felted tartan with a safety pin around the office white mug helps keep tabs on your mug - a mug kilt if you may!

More using of recycled shirts...a sewing machine cover.

This one I gave to my friend Tari and she nicely loaned it back for the meeting!  My "cheater" on this was using some of the pre-quilted fabric for the inside which was quick and gave it a lot of body.  Since I had a big box of 2-1/2 inch squares this only took a day to make.

Most of you may have seen this leaf potholder around the internet.  I unfortunately gave the pattern away last night so I don't have the pattern designers name.

 I used a layer of Insul-Bright and a layer of cotton batting.  I do that now when ever I make a potholder or table-runner.  (warning Insul-bright cannot be used in a microwave.)  Again this was a quick project since I have lots of strips around the sewing room and even enough left-over binding for a whole tree of these!

Also showed a pillow made using a vintage quilt block with some new embroidery and hand quilting.

This was a great take-along project. Think I did most of this in the doctor's waiting room!

I did show one bag...this one is made from a pair of men's chinos.

Some in-process name tags...

And then I made a casserole carrier...not a really quick project but can be done in a day.

It just takes a 20-inch quilted square with two short straps and one long one.

Well, back to binding quilts for the show!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

I've gotta make some of those casserole carriers!! What a great idea! I could even use some Scottie fabric


cityquilter grace said...

great ideas!

Sherrill said...

I like that first project..very cute and clever. Whodda thunk? HA And I've made a bajillion (or thereabouts) of those luggage tags. LOVE them! The leaf potholder is adorable, too!

Janet O. said...

So many clever ideas. I'd say you did a really good job!

AnnieO said...

I did not know that insulbrite can't be used in the microwave! I like that leaf hotpad. All good and short projects!

Judy in Michigan said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Great ideas - your guild and all of us readers love them all!!

Beatrice said...

Great patterns! Thank you for the inspiration (and the advice on Insul-bright).
Leaf potholder pattern: there's one here (free):
and one from Patchwork Pottery here:
or here: