Monday, October 19, 2015

Precuts and another finish!

Two things to write about today...first, another finish and second, a discussion on pre-cuts.

Quilt shows are great inspiration to finish things!  This quilt has been "almost finished" for a long time.  I think the pattern was in a McCall's magazine several years ago.

Anyway, this will be for display only, no judging as it really isn't "show worthy" but since it goes well with the season it will be a "filler quilt!"  After the show it will be the new couch quilt for my husband!

So how does this lead to precuts?  Well, I used 2-1/2 inch strips making this quilt.  Not a jellyroll but 2-1/2 that I cut from left-over project fabrics.  Also there has been several discussions on facebook on "how do you use precuts."

I can't say I never buy them.  They are tempting!  Mainly I buy them if they are on sale or if it is a new line of fabrics that aren't carried locally so a charm pack gives me a better idea of the real colors.  They do tend to add up though!

I don't choose patterns based on precuts though I do have one on the design wall that could have been made using some!  I choose this pattern because I need one that used elephants for a baby quilt.  (the elephant and the donkey are not part of the project...but do show I am "fair and balanced!")

Most of the 5-inch squares for this came from a pile of squares given to me for my birthday by my quilting buddies.  This pile has been a great source of bits for little projects or applique!


Janet O. said...

Not every quilt we make needs to be show worthy, right? If they were, would we ever want to let anyone curl up in them? I like the cozy look of your Fall quilt, and it will make a good seasonal "filler" at the show. : )

Gypsy Quilter said...

Yeah, another finish! Thanks for sharing.

Tonya Ricucci said...

I buy pre-cuts and toss them in with my other crumbs and fabric. none of it ever gets used together - ie just one line of fabric. Congrats on the finish - bet that's the one you started for your nephew.