Thursday, January 05, 2017

Friend quilt!

A few months ago my friend Paula and I exchanged quilts.  Paula made a Sue Spargo design but added a lot of her own ideas to it.  I had made candy corn - a take on a vintage Southern Top I bought at a country auction in South Carolina.

I'm embarrassed to say it has taken me this long to get it up on the wall!
On the left is the quilt I made and on the right is the Paula made

In my defense this quilt is made from wool, silk and cottons with lots of embellishment. So I didn't want the quilt to get sunlight...didn't want it to be near any vents where it could get moisture or dust.  And on top of that it is a mid sized quilt so need a decent amount of wall space.

Add to that I wanted folks to see it when they visit the house...phew.

So now this quilt hangs in the hallway off of the dining-room.  You can glimpse it from the front foyer so perhaps it will pull visitors into the house?!


Janet O. said...

It looks like an amazing creation. It would certainly draw me deeper into your home if I caught a glimpse of it.
I think Candy Corn is really a fun quilt!

AnnieO said...

Beautiful! It's a big dilemma trying to find a non sunny but appropriately light enough display space, I agree!

Judy Smith said...

They are both beautiful quilts!

Dawn said...

Both beautiful quilts. A wonderful exchange!

O'Quilts said...

very nice