Sunday, January 08, 2017

We are going to throw out a bag of quilts...

"We are going to throw out a bag of quilts"...that is how the phone call started today.  I have helped this particular store a few times in the past when they were unsure of what they had.  Today the manager had told the guy that they had too much on the floor and to throw these old things out.  So before the tossed them he called...I'm so glad he did!
Q-1 simple one patch, scrappy, circa 1940, restoration done on the border and binding.
Q-1 close-up
Q-1 backing
There are five quilts.  All made around 1930-1940.  All are in good condition.  One has a repair that was done well.  So they aren't museum quality but they don't deserve to be tossed!
Q-2 twin size hexagon
Q-2 close-up
Q-2 backing
I am debating on calling the two twin size hexagon quilts a pair...they are very close in size, the hexies are the same size, and some of the fabrics are the same.   So what is holding me back?  The backings are different and Q-2 has some fabrics from the 1910 while Q-3 is only 1930's fabric.
Q-3 twin size hexagon, scrappy
Q-2 close-up
Q-2 backing
I'll show the other two quilts in my next post!  These don't really fit with my plans for my collection but I couldn't leave them to an ugly fate....


Sherrill said...

What kind of store would have quilts like that to begin with and THEN consider throwing them out? A second hand store or something.

Chantal L. said...

I wish I could get a phone call like that. Wow!! So happy you rescued them and took the time to share them with us. They are beautiful and I love the hexagon ones. ;^)

regan said...

That is definitely the way to start off the new year! Awesome!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, what treasures. So glad you could rescue them!

Janet O. said...

Wow--how do you get on that store's call list? *LOL*
Even if you don't want to keep them yourself, I'm sure there are quilters that would love to give them a home.

carol fun said...

I'm so glad you were able to get these... there is just something about a vintage scrap quilt that tugs at my heart and makes me wonder about the maker and where all those wonderful fabrics came from!

Dawn said...

Good saves. Perhaps candidates for one of the AQSG auctions?