Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'd like to say we are wildly celebrating our Irish heritage today but in reality we are getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow and caring for an ill cat.

We are however having cornbeef and cabbage for dinner and some homemade Irish bread...a little celebration!

I took down another "mystery UFO" box yesterday.

In it was about 34 8-inch blocks that I made during a Barbara Brackman year long block of the week.  It must have been at least 4 years ago!

Anyway, I put it up on the design wall and promised myself a quick finish...ya, I do anything quick anymore.

So after an hour of auditioning sashing (a good part of that hour was unearthing my reproduction fabrics that I hadn't used for awhile.)

I decided to go with this blue stripe...which of course has to be fussy cut (back to that nothing quickly thing!)

The cornerstones were necessary since I only had a half yard of the stripe (again, why do it quickly...)  I ended up going with a butterscotch cornerstone to keep the attention on the blocks and to keep it from getting too dark.

I figure a couple days of sewing should get this at least to top stage.  I have two candidates for borders already.  Then it can join the tops hanging in the closet instead of hidden in a box!


Janet O. said...

Corned beef and cabbage on our menu tonight, too--at a church party.
I love stripes for sashing, but I never can find enough of one if I decide it looks good. Nice choice on the sashing and cornerstones.

Sheila said...

The sashing looks great! It makes each block look framed up like a picture.

Katie said...

Excellent fabric choices. You have such a great eye! :-)

AnnieO said...

Happy St Patrick's Day to you too! No corned beef--we ate Mexican :) Love your careful curating that these blocks deserve! Hope your sale is successful.

Loris said...

I love the blue striping and the butterscotch! Worth the time and effort you took to find these. It really adds interest but doesn't steal the show from your wonderful blocks. Brave of you to do a yard sale. We swore them off years ago after the first one. Ha! I hope it goes really well for you. And I sure hope your sweet kitty gets feeling better.

JustGail said...

I like your quilt blocks - I keep saving the info, but not getting as far as making them. I guess that's the ultimate time saver. I like the strip for sashing, but fear I'd be trying to figure out how to miter the intersections.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear about the cat! Hope it's nothing serious! The butterscotch cornerstone are perfect with the blue stripe and the blocks. We had corned beef and cabbage last night too.