Sunday, March 19, 2017

It is a top!

Well I spent my National Quilt day in the quilt room and finished my civil war top!

I added a plaid and blue border.  Of course the plaid was cut on the bias so the quilt was handled very gently and I had to get the blue outer border on quickly!

I'm happy with how it came out...doesn't look as dark now.

  Next on the design wall...ocean waves...this could take awhile as it is king-size!

The yard sale was a bit of a washout.  We were all set up by 0730...sales were ok until 0930 when it got cold and started to 10:00 everything was back in the garage and my husband and I huddled in front of the fireplace!

Watson did not like having all these visitors in his yard...he was exhausted from guard-duty!


Janet O. said...

That pretty blue border really makes the blue in the blocks pop. Not a dark feel at all!
My limited experience with Ocean Waves tells me this is an ambitious project--but very colorful and fun looking.
So sorry about the yard sale. We had a big multi family one once on a rainy day. Everyone brought their picnic awnings and the diehard yard sale shoppers still came, but not the turnout we had hoped for. :)
Sounds like Watson needs a few days off!

Gypsy Quilter said...

What a shame the yard sale got rained out. All of that prep work, ugh. Great borders. Have never thought about using bias plaid, but if I did, I'd starch it stiff. Thanks for sharing.