Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Pieces of my Heart lessons learned

I know I am supposed to be working on UFO's but a few weeks ago I saw a facebook post showing Wendy Williams's new quilt "Pieces of my Heart."
(Photo of finished quilt from Material Obsessions website)

I loved it so I ordered it from Austrailia and started working on it the week it arrived!  First, I still love this quilt and I am going to finish it.  I may even finish it this month!  I have however learned a lot...

Second - it is useful to check online to see if there are any videos.  I had only gone as far as pulling fabric and reading the direction when I found a 4 minute video by Wendy and Material Obsessions.  That made my life a lot easier!

Third - when you have enough fabric/scraps add a few more on each end of the value spectrum.  I started out with almost all reds and pinks.  After watching the video I added a lot more purples, oranges and yellows.  Also added more textures.  Really happy I did.  I have everything from Kaffee to Mary Engelbreight and everything in between!

Fourth - the technique is sort of a flip and sew log cabin...when trimming use a really long ruler.  My first half has a bit of ruler drift since I was only using a 15 inch ruler.  duh!

Fifth - pin often.  The heart can get a bit wobbley particularly as you get to the outer rows.

Sixth - press, press, press...hit it with a bit of best press or starch and press again.

I hope to get the last row onto the left side of the heart today and maybe even start the background piecing.  

This quilt also has a lot of wool embroidered hearts.  My friend Paula gave a bag of wool bits in lots of different shades of red, pink, orange and purple.  Can't wait to start playing with those!

On other projects...I had a finish!

This went to a fund raiser for a friend's sister's medical bills.

And this quilt top is for my sister!  It is Bonnie Hunter's Trip around the world pattern only put on point.  Yes, I took and fairly easy pattern and managed to make it complicated!  I have the backing ready to piece so should have this to the longarmer this month...phew.  Good thing for me they still need quilts in the summer up in Maine!


Pam said...

Your heart quilt will be adorable and so pretty. I loved reading your tips and advice. It applies not just to heart you are making but to other projects pieced like that. I found it very informative.

Janet O. said...

That heart quilt is so exuberant! Love the joy of it!
Didn't realize the outer hearts were wool applique, until you mentioned it. That alone gives the whole thing more dimension (and it already has plenty).
Had to laugh at your comment about taking a simple pattern and complicating it. Been there, done that! It turned out well, in spite of your complications. : )

AnnieO said...

Such a pretty heart quilt! Glad you're sewing and enjoying it!

Karen said...

What an interesting design. I can see why you got right onto making it.

moosecraft said...

Wow! That heart quilt is stunning! I think there will be many quilters stitching one of those!

Purple Pam said...

That heart is wonderful. I would not be able to wait to start it either.

O'Quilts said...

thx for tips...looks great

Anne Davenport said...

Thank you for the tips on Piece of my Heart. It looked as though it was paper pieced. Your comments made it clear that was not the case but have also given me encouragement to tackle the quilt. Further thoughts, tips etc would be most welcome! Anne

ellie said...

I, too, bought the pattern for this gorgeous quilt, and enjoyed reading your comments. I find the directions somewhat vague even after watching the video. Can you give any input as to how you knew where to place the next fabric strip(s)?

jojo said...

Hi Ellie,

I made a freezer paper pattern and I think I gave each “row” about 1.5” to 2.5” The pattern helped me figure out how long to have my strips. And I also had keep in mind that it’s free form and needs to be heart shaped. If you send me your email address I can send you pics of the quilt in different stages

Don’t know if it will help. But it worth the effort. My quilt is a gift for a friend who loves hearts and I think it’s gorgeous - one of the few quilts I will actually honk my own horn:)