Monday, June 08, 2015

A late spring clean-up!

The last few days we have been doing some late spring cleaning...

I think the new sewing room used up all my effort this year and we just realized that the garage and garden hadn't gotten as much attention as needed this spring.
a spinning wheel from England...really?!

Amazingly we found a lot of stuff "missing" for years!

Like this Queen vintage hand crank sewing machine that I bought at an auction in England.  That is was in the back of the garage still packed in a moving box!  I'm trying to get this little machine operational...otherwise it is just a big doorstop!

Our goal is to get through all the moving boxes put in storage about 7 years ago.  Making some tough decisions...we packed up my husband's to the ceiling yesterday and made a trip to the charity shop/Goodwill donation stop.
put these aside for a friend...knew I had them just not where!

Three extra irons, a bread-maker only used once, a set of china still in the box...stuff like that!  Our rule is if we don't like it well enough to use it or have it in the house then it has to move on...still lots to do!  My neighbor helped by taking a doll crib, two chairs, and an old frame...why is it other people's "stuff" is always more interesting than what we have in our own garage?!

But I have to move slowly!  Last spring the neurologist made some big changes to my MS meds.  After trying it for a couple months I decided it wasn't working...made me a bit too much of a zombie!  I'd rather clarity and joy with a bit of pain than total numbness!  So last week it was like waking out of a fog and of course I then immediately over-did it!

That is ok though...I have lot of quilts to hand-sew binding on a some BBC mysteries to catch up on!
Watson on guard in the backyard...
and Dobby keeping an eye on own version of the "odd couple"


Sherrill said...

Those two are so cute in the yard, guarding each other. UGH!! I hate the moving and trying to make space for stuff. I gave SO much away when I moved but it obviously wasn't enough as there's still a few boxes in the garage. One of these days they'll go, too.

Sherrill said...
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Sewing Junkie said...

I moved to a new house 13 years ago and I think I have one box that I haven'y gone through. I know what is in it and just not sure if I want the contents. The machine is beautiful. Hope you get it working. Chris

The Civil War Quilter said...

I can certainly relate. We've been in our new home for 18 months and not 10 minutes ago, I complained to Randy that he'd never gone through the boxes in the garage! Wow! I love that set of brown china. What's the name of the pattern? Take it easy!

Tonya Ricucci said...

fun! I've got boxes in storage that probably haven't been opened since 2003. I have work ahead of me, but not yet.

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