Saturday, June 06, 2015

A top finished!

Who says making a list doesn't get you motivated?  Not me!

After thinking long and hard about the quilt show in November and my lack of any finished quilts to enter I made a plan.  And today I have my first result!

I took out the UFO box with my large 1904 applique project.

First I made sure I still had all the "parts."

 Amazing how bits and pieces can go on walk-about when left sitting in a corner of the closet!  This project just needed borders.  Mitered borders.  I think I put it away when got halfway through the pieced border and decided to go with a solid piece of fabric.  Since I was mitering I also took out my go-to book by Onion Mountain.

Helps me to stay organized...even it it is only math!

Also had to do lots of pressing and measuring before any cutting...and made sure to have lots of pins handy.

Then it was simply measure, cut, sew, press and then repeat for a couple hours...boy my shoulders are sore but I have a top ready to go to the long-armer!

So one down and three more to go this month...progress feels good!


Loris said...

That is fantastic! The quilt is lovely and you will really enjoy having it completed. All that beautiful work will look grand in the show. Bravo!

Florence McConnell said...

Absolutely love this little dog, just the cutest!

Lori said...

Nice job, congratulations! The rest will be easy.

Sherrill said...

WOOHOO! I knew you would do it when you put your plan down in black and white for all to see!! HAHA Awesome and the photo is beautiful!